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“Popeye Cook Book”

Coming soon: London-based graphic novels publisher Self Made Hero (Moomins) will be releasing this fall, an illustrated kids-skewing Popeye Cook Book filled with healthy recipes (I’m sure several will include spinach ingredients). I may pick this up just for the Stephan DeStefano Popeye art. Yum!

  • No offense to Mr.DeStefano, but I’m bummed it’s ‘sailor hat’ Popeye, and not ‘captain’s hat’ Popeye.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      It it wasn’t for his usual suit, I swear they could’ve mistakenly gave him navy whites and thought nothing of it!

  • Valentin Moretto

    Wimpy’s Hamburgers in healthy recipes? Bring me that book and I’ll pay you Thursday.

  • dbenson

    Duck dinner

    #1. You bring the duck . . .

  • Gerard de Souza

    By Josephine BACON. Ha.

    I have some Popeye bendy toys that came out a few years ago that are in graphic style of the cover characters.

  • joecab

    You sure he drew the artwork for this thing? Something about that cover artwork looks a bit … off.

  • Brad

    I’m kind of surprised… Does Popeye have enough recognition with today’s kids?

  • Scarabim

    Meh. I prefer Elzie Segar’s original designs instead of the slicked-up Paramount versions.

  • Keep in mind DeStefano does art for many licensed properties (including the wonderful Popeye DVD sets), so it’s not like he’s limited to just one era of Popeye. I would think he’s got the range.

  • DeStefano does fantastic work – he’s made these less than appealing designs look as good as he can. I wonder if this was a corporate mandate to use the Famous Studios designs and not the original designs.

  • It looks more like the early 60s King Feature cartoon designs.
    It looks great, though.
    That spinach spew seems as if something weird is going on with it.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      I expected portly Brutus to show up too!

  • The Gee

    One, it is a book cover. A cookbook cover, at that.

    No one cares if the figures on it are on model except for people who would buy it despite it being a cookbook.

    Be surprised Popeye has a pipe in his mouth. How he and the other two characters look are almost irrelevant unless you see one as being too thin and the other being overweight.

    Two, it is a book for kids. How many of you cared that much about cartoons being on model or being the original designs when you were tots?
    Personally, I didn’t anguish when I first saw reproduction of Segar’s strip after too many minutes of animated Popeye. It’s Popeye.

    Three, DeStephano is pretty versatile. And that brushwork is pretty impressive. If it looks generic or from the “wrong era” it doesn’t change the fact that it looks pretty good for a book cover.

  • Re:
    -How many of you cared that much about cartoons being on model or being the original designs when you were tots?-

    It drove me to distraction and I obsessed about it. I pestered my parents with constant questions concerning the matter, and they became as annoyed with those unanswerable (to their knowledge) questions as I was with the variant looks of cartoons. We had a Popeye rubber squeeze toy and it horrified me because it only worked visually from one angle. Looked at from any other direction, it was an upsetting, deformed thing. I didn’t know at the time why Bugs Bunny looked so distinctive from cartoon to cartoon. And so on, and etc. with every cartoon on TV…

    So, it might matter to some kids.

    • The Gee

      Okay. I’ll admit sometimes it made me wonder whyWHYwhy?

      I shouldn’t have thought that some may have rejected the different designs. I was wrong.

      For me, I didn’t think of one version as being less than another. They were just different for some reason. Eventually, I figured out why they were different (it was easier in comic books and printed stuff in general.)

      As for the malformed toys malforming boys…I can’t recall many if any. The round pillow-like stuffed animals with a print of the front and back sides of a character made no sense but I don’t recall any horrifyingly off-model ones.

      Some animated cartoons did not entertain me because they didn’t move or look right. I won’t name names. But, again I *think* and am not certain that it just made me curious, not furious.

  • Stephen DeStefano

    That art on the cover is mine, from an old licensing push. Dunno what’s on the inside.

    • Pez

      I think its really cool that you drew the characters in all the different styles of popeye. I have tried to collect most of the things your art was used on over the years.

  • Ryan Storm

    This probably would’ve sold better in the 20’s-50’s

  • Nobody buys cookbooks any more.
    Kids just download food illegally.