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Reminder: Hanna Barbera Book Signing


Join me this Saturday, December 1st at 1pm, at the Van Eaton Gallery where I’ll be signing my new book The Hanna Barbera Treasury. The book turned out rather well – but don’t take my word for it, read Sherm Cohen’s rave review and Leonard Maltin’s endorsement.

Please don’t be shy. We’ll be serving Cocoa Pebbles! I’ll be hanging out eager to talk Yogi, Huck, Quick Draw and Boo-Boo. I’ll even sign my other books (if you bring them). For more information: Van Eaton Gallery website.

  • oh, how i hate being UNble to attend these things!!

  • Andy

    Damn that book looks cool! Nice review, too. I think H-B gets a bad rap for all the junk they did in the ’70s and ’80s. People tend to overlook how charming that early ’60s stuff was (and is). Can’t wait to snag my own copy of the book.

  • It’s already on my Christmas wishlist for Santa!


  • mwb

    Andy said: “I think H-B gets a bad rap for all the junk they did in the ’70s and ’80s. People tend to overlook how charming that early ’60s stuff was (and is).”

    H-B in the 50s/60s = Young Rocker Elvis.

    H-B in the 70s/80s = Elvis, the Vegas Years.

    ‘Tis an awesome book. I’m loving my copy.

  • Hans Richter

    Wish I could come. I’ll have to time it so that while the signing is going on I’m eating a bowl of Cocoa Pebbles, flipping through my copy, and imagining I am there…

    I’m Rapmaster Hans and I’m here to say, I love this book in a major way!

  • Brad Constantine

    The book looks awesome just from that picture!! Can’t make the signing ,but will certainly add the book to my xmas list this year!!

  • Vincent

    Sorry I can’t make it to the signing. I’ll be carrying water for my gal who’s training for the AIDS marathon.
    I did receive my copy of the Treasury and am awash in joy. It is full of fun stuff neat stuff. Little pockets of happiness from front to back.

  • Jerry! You need to come to Vancouver, BC for a signing sometime! And maybe you can host an evening of classic cartoons too! I know I’d be there!

  • Kurtis (and anyone else interested) – I’m available to give lectures, screen classic cartoons and do book signings in any city. I just need a sponsor to pay my way (just as my recent successful road trip to Columbus, Ohio). If you know a college, museum, film society, festival or convention willing to bring me in, I’m there!

  • Frank J

    Anyone in the animation industry would be willing to travel anywhere and speak about anything, as long as someone out there would pays our way, and tosses in a couple of free meals. Jerry, you’ve just shown what’s left of our industry the future.

  • Fantastic they`ve released a book like this! Will have to order it.

  • I just got this book this week from Amazon. It is GORGEOUS! All of the artwork, all of the photos of the the merchandising, and all of the EXTRAS, make this a “have-to-own” for any animation/cartooning fan.

  • To Jerry: The book looks great! Sorry I showed up at your signing before you did, though.

    To Rapmaster Hans: Holy crap, I did the storyboard, models and layouts for that Fruity Pebbles spot you reference, which was directed by Funnybone Films’ Ken Walker. It was one of the very first Pebbles spots (of hundreds) I worked on. I thought I was the only human being still alive who remembers it!

  • Andy

    Scott, I remember that Pebbles commercial, too. A classic!! What year was that, anyway?

  • Awesome book Jerry! Just got mine today.
    Love all the artwork and special inserts! I’ve even collected some of those 60’s/70’s comics already…
    Hope to have time to read it all when class is put on pause for the holidays!

  • Dave Hermary

    Jerry, this book is fantastic, I’ve been poring over it all night. But I did notice a misprint in the introduction of my copy. Page 12-13 are repeated on page 16-17 (with a paragraph added). Reading the first paragraph on page 18, it is clear that something is missing. Has anyone else noticed this? What can I do about it? Any suggestion would be appreciated.

  • Dave Hermary – I’m not sure how many (or if all) copies have that printing error. I have posted the correct text for pages 16 and 17 on my Cartoon Research website:



  • Dave Hermary

    Thanks Jerry, at least now I can read it. Now I need to print them off in color and get some of that funky tape used for the inserts and tape them in myself!