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Schulz and Disney

Here’s a book that I recently picked up. The unlikely pairing of Schulz and Disney on a book cover was simply too good to pass up. The cover also offers the interesting revelation that when Schulz draws adults, they end up looking like King of the Hill characters. Thankfully it’s not something he did often.

Kids Say The Darndest ThingsKids Say The Darndest Things

Click on the front and back cover images for larger views.

  • Thank you! A riot! A few weeks ago I bought (from a Cracker Barrel) a DVD of “Kids Say the Darnedest Things”….a compilation of “House Party” segments from the late 60s! A true wonderful treat!

  • fishmorgjp

    I think the necessity of making a recognizable caricature of Linkletter made Schulz stiffen up here. An inside illo features Linkletter standing there, nonplussed — with a shovelful of dirt that a Violet-like little girl has just dumped on his head. It looks much better.

  • Mr. Semaj


    I always thought there was a common legacy between Charles Schulz and Walt Disney. Schulz dominated newspaper comics the same way Disney dominated animation. The two even have stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame next to each other.

  • Charlie

    So THAT’S what adults look like in the world of Peanuts!

  • FP

    Huh! I have (or had) that very book. I bought it at Goodwill for fifty cents. I’ll have to check my storage boxes some day to see if I still have it. I was sold by the back cover paste-ups, with the celebrity heads on the weirdo Schultz bodies. They’re primo DEVO Retardo”, especially the Bob Hope one.

  • Good find, Amid! Out of all the re-released versions of this book, this had the best cover design. I found a copy last year and donated it to the Charles M. Schulz Museum Research Center in Santa Rosa, CA. The staff was so delighted to receive my donation. Apparently, this edition of the book was missing in their archive of Schulz’s output.

  • Actually, a more accurate representation of Sparky’s adults is the compilation It’s Only a Game, a series of one-panel sports cartoons he did along with peanuts for a while. No King of the Hill there, they just look like standard 50’s cartoon adults.

  • That is not just any adult, that’s a caricature of Art Linkletter. That is why the drawing looks a tad stiff. If he were left to his own devices and just drew an adult out of his head, it would be a lot more appealing.