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Seaweed and the Cure for Mildew

Ben Balistreri, currently a storyboard artist at Dreamworks on How to Train Your Dragon, and a character designer and board artist for Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, Danny Phantom and many others, recently self published his first graphic novel: Seaweed and the Cure for Mildew.

Man, this guy is good! I saw the book at Comic-Con and couldn’t put it down. The project took six years to complete as Balistreri could only work on it on nights and weekends. Each panel and drawing is exquisite. The book itself is a must-see: it’s a handsome hardcover volume, in full color and printed at a huge 12 by 15 inches! It’s 64 pages, of which 24 are dedicated to roughs, designs, and making-of drawings printed on a different paper than the comic.

The story is crammed with great characters, funny dialogue and gorgeous, dynamic artwork – and it’s an epic of high adventure that cries out to be an animated film (by traditional hand-drawn animation). It’s $29.95 and each order comes with an original sketch. I highly recommend this – it’s a bargain. Order it here.

  • Christopher Cook

    Congrats to Mr. Balistreri on winning an Emmy for Foster’s (Individual Achievement for Animation, episode “Mondo Coco”). The book looks terrific!

  • I used to look at his blog religiously, but fell out of the habit. Thanks for this post, I ordered this book first thing this morning.

  • I bought this book as soon as he announced it on his blog and I love it.
    I too HIGHLY recommend it. His pre-inking blue pencils will make you weep.

  • …and he’s also one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. Go figure!

  • This certainly looks top notch. Although, if I may be allowed to be picky, I’m thinking this would look even better if it was colored with old school water colors or gouache ;-)

  • This book by Balistreri is absolutely amazing and you really have to see it to believe it. Got it at Comic-Con as well and considered it the best thing I got at the whole convention. Go. Buy it. Now

  • Easily, one of the best books in my collection.
    A fun story and amazing art –
    If you don’t own it go right now and buy it.

  • Awesome! I ordered mine!

  • Ben is pretty friggin amazing.
    I fell in love with his art after he drew a Danny Phantom comic for Nick Magazine. Totally blew me away. Glad to see he’s got his own comic projects! Can’t wait to get a copy.