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See A 26-Page Preview of “VIP: The Mad World of Virgil Partch”

Fantagraphics has made available a 26-page PDF preview (download here) of their forthcoming Virgil ‘VIP’ Partch retrospective book that confirms this will be one of the must-have cartoon-related books of 2013. The preview will be of particular interest to readers of this site as it contains gag cartoons and other assorted drawings from Partch’s Disney animation years.

The complete 208-page hardcover, titled VIP: The Mad World of Virgil Partch, written and edited by Jonathan Barli, will ship in October 2013. The book can be pre-ordered on Amazon for $30.84.

A semi-related note: when I was in Los Angeles a few weeks ago, I made a detour to the University of California, Irvine to peruse the Virgil Partch Collection. The collection, donated by Partch himself in the 1970s, contains thousands of his original drawings and cartoons, all of which are available for viewing by researchers, historians and other interested parties. It’s well worth the daytrip if you’re a Partchaholic like me.

(h/t, Matt Jones)

  • Bob Harper

    I’ve been waiting for this book what seems like FOREVER. There is a short list of cartoonists whose style I wish I could outright steal and call my own and VIP is probably number 1 on it. Thanks for posting the sneak peak, I’m drooling…

  • Nikolas

    Thanks for the update. I’ve always been a big admirer of VIP’s work and I’ll be getting this new book!

  • vip freak

    I’m so glad to see this book finally getting wrapped up!! I just got my 1st edition copy of Man The Beast the other day and I’ve been desperate to get my hands on more of his work and to learn more about his life and influences. I’ll be pre-ordering this and the new Nobel book tonight!!

  • Very Important Partch

    VIP was a genius.