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Sid Sirloin

Animator Mark Christiansen has a serious thing for vintage Hanna Barbera.

I found a copy of his self-published children’s book, Sid Sirloin and his Friends, at House of Secrets this afternoon. It isn’t just a loving homage to early 60s HB, it’s so perfectly realized its practically from an alternate Saturday morning universe. The 32 page full color soft cover book was “printed in the U.S.A. at the Warner Bros. Copy Center” (so it says in the small print in the front of the book). I found it highly enjoyable. I’d love to tell you where you can buy it (other than at House of Secrets) or send you to Mark’s website — unfortunately the URL listed on the back cover doesn’t go anywhere.
UPDATE: Mark’s blog is now up and features a list of stores selling the book – or how you can order it directly from him.

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    Jerry,have you seen any of the children’s books written & illustrated
    by Don Bluth’s brothers Toby and Brad? (‘The Buddies’ titles and ‘Sigfried’s Silent Night’) They’re very good,illustrated in ‘Classical’ Disney style (much like brother Don’s movies).

  • Hi Jerry, and thank you so much for the kind mention of my book. It was written for all of us who have such fond memories of watching late 1950s and early 1960s TV cartoon shows. I’m so happy to hear that you enjoyed it. The other comic shops in addition to House of Secrets that are carrying Sid Sirloin and His Friends, are listed on my blog, which hopefully now will be easier to link. Perhaps there was a problem with Blogger earlier today. Thanks so much again!

  • Just got my copy of SID SIRLOIN AND HIS FRIENDS, and I highly recommend it! Fans of 1960s TV cartoons will love this book (including myself). Go out and get it or order it from Mark today!

  • Hank

    I’ve seen Rod and Tod Bluth’s books, and they’re sweet to the touch!

  • greg m

    Hey Mark – Great job!! You and Scott Jerrolds always amazed me with your abilities to capture this wonderful look and style! Have you kept up with Bill Jackson? He sells his Dirty Dragon series online. WGN and WFLD 32 baby!! Wooohooo!

  • Rat

    Wow… just checking out the image of the book cover, instantly I could hear the voices of all the characters!

    For Sid, I hear Yogi. For the Hippo with a miter, I hear Boo-boo. For the Tiger, I hear Hokey Wolf. For the Rabbit, I hear Ricochet Rabbit. For the Rhino, I hear Fred Flintstone.

    For the Elephant, I’m stumped. Perhaps someone doing a Joe Besser voice?

  • Hey Greg—Gee, thanks so much, man. This book was a lot of fun–lots of work too, but tons of fun!

    You’re still living in Germany, right? I hope all is well with you there.

    I don’t keep up with Bill Jackson, although I’ve heard that he has a new biography out. Every year just before Christmas, WGN runs a 2-hour tribute show titled, “Bozo, Gar and Ray” which was done very well. If you haven’t yet seen it, and if you get WGN in there in Germany, check it out!

    Hi Rat—Actually for Sid, I hear his voice as more of a toned-down “Crazy Guggenheim” from the Jackie Gleason variety show. Presto the Magic Rabbit would sound like one of Daws Butler’s “little guy” characters such as Augie Doggie or Dixie, but without the Southern accent. Bungle Bengal (the tiger) would either have a voice similar to Frank Welker’s Dynomutt, or one of Daws’ not-so-bright characters. I do agree with you with regard to Meany the rhino. I hear either an Alan Reed type of characterization, or Daws’ Ralph Kramden voice. If you decide to get the book, I hope that you’ll like it!