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Spongebob Little Golden Book

Regular Brew readers are aware that I collect old Little Golden Books relating to animation and have frequently mentioned my admiration of the recent “retro-stylized” Golden Books for current Disney and Pixar films. Add Nickelodeon to the watch-list. I just discovered Mr. Fancypants, a Spongebob Squarepants tie-in, at my local Barnes and Noble last night. The book was published as a commemorative to celebrate the sponge’s tenth anniversary and features great artwork by animation artist Caleb Meurer. Take a look — Random House has posted the first few pages online:

  • That’s some fantastic art. I’d love to see a whole episode done in that style!

  • I like the throwback covers they give, I loved my golden books when I was growing up.

  • Mike Russo

    I own a copy of this. It’s a cute book.

  • I just got done buying the WALL*E one and I passed over this thinking it probably wouldn’t be as good!

    Welp, I was dead wrong and as soon as I get some pocket change I’ll buy this one too. Solid colors, layouts… everything!

  • mrscriblam

    i love little golden books

    i had a good one million of them as a kid

  • gatebuilder

    While he is a something of a “celeb” in the animation biz, his name for the record is Caleb Meurer.

  • Rooniman

    Looks like a cool book.

  • Very pleasant use of color in this. Though I hate being made fun of for loving Little Golden Books. :(