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Stuart Ng Books on MSNBC

Stuart Ng

An MSNBC video segment about my friend Stuart Ng, the proprietor of Stuart Ng Books. In certain animation and illustration circles, his bookstore is as well known as Amazon and Barnes & Noble. It’s THE place you go when you’re looking for self-published, foreign, or out-of-print art books that aren’t stocked by major retailers. The MSNBC segment explores how he’s managed to build his business while catering to a niche community.

Disclosure: Stuart is not only an advertiser on Cartoon Brew, he’s also the exclusive distributor of back issues of Animation Blast. I trust him to sell my stuff, and others do too, which is one good clue as to why his business continues to grow.

  • Love the books Stuart sells. So much inspiration in one place.

    If you can’t get to his store you can find him in person at conventions like Wondercon.

  • The best part about buying from Stuart is that he knows what it’s like to cherish art books so he packages them so well they always arrive in the same condition they left in. That’s not always the case when buying through eBay or even Amazon.

    I’m almost glad I’ve never been to the store, I’ve spent enough over the last few years on the website alone, it scares me to think how much walking in there would set me back.

  • Living in Torrance allows me to stroll into Stuart’s store every now and then. He is the swellest guy you could know.

    He really knows his stuff and is passionate about cartooning and animation and is acquainted with many big names who shop his store frequently. Glad to see him get some kudos in the real press.
    If you are ever in the area you must stop in and say hi!

  • Shawn’s Bro

    It’s interesting that while Stuart Ng’s books are prospering, the traditional source of art books, Bud Plant, seems to be undergoing a collapse. I put this down to Stu’s having beaten the Amazon monster due to his unique high quality selection and ability to get stuff even Amazon can’t in a timely manner.

    Just checking the place out is an inspiration for an artist.

    • It is true Bud has been hit hard by folks cruising his catalog than buying the books cheaper from Amazon. One exception to that is limited edition sketchbooks of artists which have evidently been very successful for him since they are just the kind of merchandise you describe.

  • AdrianC

    I once visited his store in Torrance and I daresay I had not seen anything like it. It’s an eclectic collection and I would probably buy more from him if 1.) I had more money and, more importantly, 2.) I had more physical space in which to store the goods. The shop is definitely worth a look!