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The Alchemy of Animation

Head’s up on Don Hahn’s new book The Alchemy of Animation, which will be available on October 7th. Hahn is, of course, the producer of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King, and is currently developing a stop-motion animated feature of Frankenweenie with Tim Burton.

In his new book Hahn details the process Disney uses to make animated films from traditional animation, to CG to stop-motion. Says Hahn:

It’s been almost seven years since I wrote my first animation book, Animation Magic, and what I really wanted to do this time, was write a book about the making of animated films in the modern age, for a slightly older audience. We were fortunate to be able to pack it with amazing, never-before-seen art from Disney and Pixar films through the ages, including a few sneak peeks at art from upcoming projects such as Bolt and The Princess and the Frog.

I haven’t seen the book myself, but Hahn clearly knows his stuff. Such a book coming from a Disney insider is certainly a positive indicator of the studio’s interest in all three techniques – and that, in of itself, is a very good thing.

  • I <3 the title!!!!

  • Don Hahn is awesome!
    Looking forward to this book.

  • Wow, it’s Christmas all year long !

    First the Eric Goldberg book, the Richard Williams DVD’s , now this book by Don Hahn.


  • Lucky Jim

    Hey, I’m glad to hear Don Hahn’s alive and kicking. He’s a wonderfully informative guy and his book will no doubt be excellent.

  • Nic Kramer

    Ooh, a stop-motion version of “Frankenweenie”. I sure hope it works.

  • Jeffrey Wolf

    Any chance that he’ll being doing a Book signing???

  • Jon Hanson

    I saw Hahn give a presentation and the man’s a genious and incredibly inspirational. He also has a great eye for art, and knows how to use art to make a point, so I’m sure this book will be beautiful, I can’t wait.

  • Dan

    This should be good. Interesting title.