Hank Ketcham book Hank Ketcham book

The Magazine Cartoons of Hank Ketcham

Hank Ketcham book

This post at Drawn! about Hank Ketcham’s comic work reminded me of an upcoming book that I can hardly wait for—Where’s Dennis?: The Magazine Cartoon Art of Hank Ketcham. The book, which is compiled by friends Alex Chun and Shane Glines, is slated for release by Fantagraphics in August.

  • Thanks for posting this, Amid–I got a taste of Ketcham’s early magazine cartoons years ago, from his bio “The Merchant of Dennis The Menace.” What I found the most interesting is that there’s a “proto-Dennis” in a lot of those early cartoons. Speaking of which, does the book include samples of the comic strip Ketcham failed to sell, “Little Joe?” That character was also very Dennis-like in appearance and manner.

    This sounds like the sort of book I’d love to have if I can ever afford it.

  • Barry I. Grauman

    I can imagine what the caption is on the cover:

    Mother: “Don’t worry…I have every intention of heading him off at the pass!”.