The Magazine Cartoons of Hank Ketcham

Hank Ketcham book

This post at Drawn! about Hank Ketcham’s comic work reminded me of an upcoming book that I can hardly wait for—Where’s Dennis?: The Magazine Cartoon Art of Hank Ketcham. The book, which is compiled by friends Alex Chun and Shane Glines, is slated for release by Fantagraphics in August.

  • Rachel Newstead

    Thanks for posting this, Amid–I got a taste of Ketcham’s early magazine cartoons years ago, from his bio “The Merchant of Dennis The Menace.” What I found the most interesting is that there’s a “proto-Dennis” in a lot of those early cartoons. Speaking of which, does the book include samples of the comic strip Ketcham failed to sell, “Little Joe?” That character was also very Dennis-like in appearance and manner.

    This sounds like the sort of book I’d love to have if I can ever afford it.

  • Barry I. Grauman

    I can imagine what the caption is on the cover:

    Mother: “Don’t worry…I have every intention of heading him off at the pass!”.