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Three Books Worth A Look

Here are three cartoon and film-related books that aren’t on my bookshelf but will be soon.


The Adventures of Herge: Creator of Tintin by Michael Farr appears to be a well researched and nicely illustrated volume about the legendary comic artist.

Wordless Books

Wordless Books: The Original Graphic Novels by David Berona came out last month and it is packed with STUNNING artwork that falls somewhere between comics, illustration and fine art. The book also discusses the work of Milt Gross and Fleischer animator Myron Waldman, who created the 1943 graphic novel Eve.

Subversive Cinema

I’ve always wanted a copy of Amos Vogel’s influential Seventies book Film as a Subversive Art and didn’t realize until recently that it had been reprinted. The book is inspiring and packed with lots of black-and-white stills. Animation filmmakers are also sprinkled liberally throughout the text.

  • Wow, I loved Tintin as a kid. The Tintin books were a major component of the glue that held the Rauch house together. If these are new to anyone, do yourself a favor and read up.

  • I have gone through two copies of FILM AS A SUBVERSIVE ART. Glad to see it is reprinted as my first copy is in tatters and my second is close to it. Lots of folks have handled them.

  • Has anybody ever seen the stop-motion film of Tintin in The Crab With the Golden Claws? I’d love to watch a copy one of these days (and last time I checked, it was a no-show on YouTube).

  • Gordan

    Interesting…That front cover picture in Film as a Subversive Art features Milena Dravic in Dusan Makavajev’s Mysteries of the Organism (Misterije organizma), 1971. Subversive film indeed…