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Upcoming Chronicle Books

Art of Pixar Short Films

I received the Fall/Winter 2008 Chronicle Books catalog yesterday, and there are a few animation-related books that should be of interest to Brew readers. The prelim cover to my book, the previously announced The Art of Pixar Short Films, is above. You can find out more about the book by clicking on this info sheet about the book. It’s slated now for a February 2009 release. Pre-order on Amazon.

I’ve also posted the info sheets below for two other cartoon entries from Chronicle (click for larger versions). Rogue Leaders: The Story of LucasArts by Rob Smith is the first history of Lucas’s videogame division, which turned out classic games like The Secret of Monkey Island, Sam & Max Hit the Road, Full Throttle and Grim Fandango. It’s coming out in December 08. Also notable, Disney Feature Animation is releasing its first ‘art of’ book through Chronicle. You guessed it…it’s The Art of Bolt by Mark Cotta Vaz, scheduled for release this November.

LucasArts and Bolt

  • Is there a chapter dedicated to the 2003 Great Knick-Knack Breast Crisis?

  • rhinotonight

    no sander material in bolt?
    what a surprise.

    the lucas arts thing sounds fun.

  • Nice! I’m looking forward to these. Especially the LucasArts book, which hopefully will feature some amazing artwork by Steve Purcell, Peter Chan, Larry Ahern and Bill Tiller, to name just a few. I love the artwork and animation they did for the old LucasArts adventure games like Day of the Tentacle, Sam and Max and Monkey Island. Definitely looking forward to these!

  • The LucasArts book sounds exciting. I miss games that focused on story and characters and humor, as opposed to “amazing” graphics, excessive boobs, violence, and button-mashing.

    The Art of Pixar sounds most excellent, but… Bolt gets its own art book? That’s going to be possibly the most stale art book of the year.

  • coooooool !
    The LucasArts book sounds great, especially!
    Gotta pick THAT one up, for sure! :)

  • Not to mention Tim Schafer(one of LucasArt’s resident geniuses)’s latest game Bruetal Legend. Yes I know that it’s supposed to be a gratuitous umlat, but for me it will never be just Brutal Legend.

    Here is the videogame website:

    And this is Schafer’s company website:

  • Pretty cool to see a book at Lucasarts’ adventure games. Not only did those games have some impressive designs but they also really paved the way for today’s adventure games like Missing, Zack and Wiki and the ongoing Sam and Max series.

  • Sean

    A Lucas Arts book?! This is incredible!

  • Ben

    I love those old lucas arts graphic adventures- the secret of monkey island and its sequel le chuck’s revenge were the best. I can’t wait to see that.

  • Lucky Jim

    All three books look terrific, but I’m with everyone on being most excited about the Lucasarts book. Anything that further immortalizes Sam and Max must be great.

  • I am also looking forward to the Lucas book – I worked there from 90-97, but KNOW THIS – they didnt interview and basically blew off the art department for this book. didnt talk to hardly anyone for it, only to get some art. Foolish.

  • Unbelievable! I can’t wait for the LucasArts book! Never been more anxious.

    I don’t suppose the Bolt book will have Chris Sanders’ art in it, will it?

  • That does sound very silly Mike. They better get their facts right. If they misspell ‘Manuel Calavera’ we’re gonna have ourselves a good ol’ fashioned book (and publisher and author) burning!

  • I’m so glad someone finally wrote a book about Lucas Arts! Those old adventure games had a huge impact on me when I was a kid!

  • Don’t diss “Bolt.” From what I’ve already seen, it’s a pretty darn good little film. Kudos to my young colleague, Chris Williams.

    Nice to see “Bolt” going to Chronicle Books for publishing. Doesn’t Disney have a publishing company? Oops! My bad!

  • Tobey

    I’ll be happy to shell out the cash for Chris Williams’ art thank you very much. Give the man some credit… he’s a rock star himself.

  • That concept art on the front of the Bolt art book is actually rather nice. It’d be worth a purchase to me if it has all the “American Dog” concepts in it, but somehow I doubt it.

    Add me to the list excited for the LucasArts book. They were one of the most creative game studios out there back in the 90’s, a shame they don’t seem to do anything but Star Wars cash ins nowadays..

  • Max E.

    That doesn’t make sense–how can they do an “Art of LucasArts” book without talking to any artists?!

  • Jon

    It doesn’t say anything about being an “Art of LucasArts” book. It’s about the history of the company according to the write-up.

    Definitely picking that up. Hopefully they did talk to Tim Schafer.

  • I, too , was at LEC from ’92-’97. I didn’t have much to do with the SCUMM era games, except for doing most of the 3D elements for Full Throttle. Obviously I was far below the threshold of artists they talked to (if they talked to any) for this book.

    It may be safe to assume that if this is a history of the company as told by producers and management personnel at the time, you can expect a thoroughly glowing account of the “Magic Factory” that was LEC in the early/mid 90’s. Those looking for an accurate account of the history of LEC from the era may be disappointed.

    That said, those were some fun times at LEC, at least for a few of those years. Every company has its ups and downs, and LEC was no different. Luckily, the good times and experiences I had there generally outweigh the bad.