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Disney Artists To Self-Publish Rocket Johnson

Who is Rocket Johnson

In recent years, many artists at feature animation studios like Pixar, DreamWorks and Blue Sky have become involved in self-publishing art books and graphic novels. The Disney artists have remained noticeably absent from the scene…until now. A whole slew of Disney Feature story artists and directors are getting ready to release a fun-looking 72-page graphic novel anthology entitled Who is Rocket Johnson?, in which they answer the question posed by the book’s title. The book, limited to 1,000 copies, will debut in July at the San Diego Comic-Con and will sell exclusively at booth 2302.

Contributing artists are:
Steve Anderson
John Musker
Dean Wellins
Mike Gabriel
Kevin Deters
Paul Briggs
Tom Ellery
Sam Levine
Nathan Greno
Don Hall
Mark Kennedy
Aurian Redson
Daniel Chong
Tron Mai
Lawrence Gong
Joe Mateo
Michael LaBash
Chris Ure
Bruce Morris
Mark Walton

The book also features a painted cover by Paul Felix and pin-ups by Glen Keane, ChenYi Chang, Byron Howard and Arthur Adams. There’s a book blog at and an official announcement at the blog of Paul Briggs.

(via Blackwing Diaries)

  • holy cow this looks cool

  • if that’s the cover, i can’t wait to see what’s inside!! i just started working with an anthology too, so i like seeing other animators do comic work.

  • ECJ

    Does Disney still have a clause in their contracts that says they own the rights to anything created by their artists during their employment?

  • EHH

    So this was the comic that 839 union blogger was talking about. A pin-up by Glen Keane. I’m sold on the idea.

  • Splag

    Is it only going to be sold at the comic-con? does anyone know if it will be available to buy online? I live and work in Norway and it would be impossible for me to come over in July as I’ll be on holiday!

  • Jamie B

    Seconding the call to have this available online; crossing the ocean for the con ain’t going to be possible unfortunately, but I’d love to be able to purchase a copy! Can’t wait to see more!

  • Mark

    At the moment, copies will only be distributed at the comic-con: since we are self-published (and have day jobs), unfortunately we don’t have the time or means to ship books around the world (we really didn’t have the crazy time it took to get the book done in the first place!). However, if there are leftover copies, we can sell them to Stuart Ng or Bud Plant, and you could order them there. If you know someone who’s going to comic-con, though, give them some money and hope for the best!
    Thankfully, we do own the copyrights to our respective work in the book (things have improved in that department).