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Box Office Report

“Frozen” Still Strong, “Saving Mr. Banks” Mild, “Walking with Dinosaurs” A Dud

In its fourth weekend of wide release, Frozen landed in 3rd place with a stellar $19.2 million (estimated). The film eased just 15% from last weekend, and its total gross of $191.6M has now surpassed Wreck-It Ralph’s $189.4M. In a few days, Frozen will also overtake Tangled’s domestic gross of $200.8M and may approach the $300M mark as it goes on to become Disney’s most successful CG feature to date. Overseas, Frozen has tacked on an additional $152.6M for a worldwide total of $344.2M.

Disney also pushed its Walt Disney biopic Saving Mr. Banks into wide release last weekend. The film landed in fifth place with $9.3 mil (est) and a mild $4,418 per theater average. Fox’s peculiar animated feature pickup Walking with Dinosaurs which was marketed slightly and only as a film for small tots, opened in 8th place with a paltry $7.3M (est). The film’s wide debut in 3,231 theaters netted a miserable $2,259 per theater average. The last animated film to flop so badly in a 3000+ theater debut was Disney’s 2011 release Mars Needs Moms. Dinosaurs performed poorly overseas as well, netting just $13.8M from 41 territories.

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    I’m glad FROZEN has done so well. From what I’ve seen of it,the WALKING WITH DINOSAURS movie looks like a mixture of both THE LAND BEFORE TIME & Disney’s DINOSAUR.

    • Yes, Walking with Dinosaurs is pretty uninspired. Apparently, the film was supposed to have no dialogue but the producers wouldn’t have it. So the film is stuck with a bunch of awkwardly dubbed dialogue over the already finished animation. On the side note, its not surprising that Frozen has become the holiday movie of choice. I hope Saving Mr. Banks goes on to do better too.

  • Roberto Severino

    Always good to see animated projects garner so much revenue and it also demonstrates that there’s still an audience out there for animated projects.

  • Keesar

    I didn’t think the Dinosaurs movie would do well because every preview I saw on TV was a poo joke… If that was all the movie had to offer then… yeah….

  • Tres Swygert

    Agreeing with Andrew. Too much like Disney’s Dinosaurs to make me think I should give this project a shot.

  • Milan P.

    Really not shocked by Dinosaurs bombing. It’s pretty much just a load of disappointment, that’s what.

  • George Comerci

    I loved Frozen! Best movie of 2013 IMO. I actually just got back from Saving Mr. Banks, and let me tell you, it was pretty amazing. Walking with dinosaurs….eesh. Talk about a waste of time. GAAH it’s awful!!!!! I’m more than happy to watch it crash and burn :)

  • David

    My wife and I were really interested in seeing Walking with Dinosaurs… until they had the trailer that revealed they were gonna have the dinos speaking. Same problem with Disney’s Dinosaurs. I would much rather have seen it with no voices. Or a David Attenborough voiceover. No freaking telepathic dinosaurs.

  • Walking with Dinosaurs hasn’t premiered here in the Philippines yet. I’m gonna have to see it for myself on January.

  • Zekey

    I’m sure the scriptwriters behind Walking with Dinosaurs are sitting in their fancy apartments now, swishing some scotch in a glass and wondering…how? How a pseudo-educational documentary about dinosaurs managed to flop so hard.

    “What did we do wrong?”

    “Were there not enough poop and burp and farts?”

    “Do…do people not…LIKE farting dinosaurs? Is that what this is? This is not a reality I wish to be a part of.”

    And then the next day their body is found hanging from the rafters, a copy of Walking with Dinosaurs script sitting a few feet away, charred to a crisp. The forensic team will claim the writer burnt it. But the horrible reality was it simply spontaneously combusted from being such an infernal waste of everyone’s time.

  • Max C.

    Welp, it turns out not even voices could save it from financial disaster. Thanks a lot, Tim Hill!

  • Pedro Nakama

    Why no “Saving Mr. Banks” talkback? I know you have a lot of readers who were around at that time and it would be great to hear what they think.

  • SarahJesness

    If it was just a regular documentary, I TOTALLY would’ve gone to see it. I love prehistoric-animal documentaries and the “Walking With…” series is pretty great. (you can check it out on Netflix) Shame it has to share a name with what seems to be kiddie garbage.

  • Funkybat

    I just don’t understand what they were thinking with the whole approach to that dinosaur movie. Did they learn nothing from the Disney one? Were they nostalgic for it?

    It’s a shame, because like the Disney one, there are some amazing visuals, but the whole simplistic, “comedic” voiceover thing just makes it into mush, neither fish nor fowl. I don’t know about you all, but I’m pretty much just waiting for The Boxtrolls…

  • Rodan Thompson

    l finally got out to see Mr. Banks. Loved the story. A fascinating look at the studio, it’s workings. It was a great period film. The look alone is something special. And I enjoyed the story. Over the years we’ve heard accounts of the making of MP and of course I don’t have to go into that here. But accurate or not, it is very well done. Personally I doubt that Walt was sweet and gingery in person. He was a master at the “Mogul” as well as creating his public image. A real person for lack of any other description. I didn’t know him, but I don’t think I know him any more having watched the film. What I took away from the film is that P.L. and W.D. were made of the same stuff. Strong willed determined individuals. I don’t know what kind of legs I wish for this films future in the months ahead , whether It deserves Best Picture or any other accolades I can’t tell yet, I haven’t seen many other films touted as being in the running. I’m very glad it was made. Having said that, I do not think that this film offered much into Mr. Disney’s technique, his personality or what made up his being. Hank’s character was not that well developed. Just a few lines in a few good scenes gave me what I felt was the man we know as Walt Disney.