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Box Office Report

‘Mr. Peabody & Sherman’ Top Dog at Box Office

The DreamWorks feature Mr. Peabody & Sherman moved from second to first place in its sophomore weekend with a modest gross of $21.2 million (estimated). The Rob Minkoff-directed film has grossed $63.2M to date in the US. It also earned $15.3M overseas, which lifted its international total to $85.6M and its overall total to $148.8M. The film will end up being one of DreamWorks’ lowest-grossing CG features to date.

The LEGO Movie picked up $7.7M in its sixth weeeknd, upping its domestic total to $236.9M. The film also added $4.7M overseas for a $141.5M total.

Frozen earned $2.1M in its sixteenth weekend of wide release for a U.S. total of $396.4M. Frozen also earned $10.4M overseas, most of that coming from its $9.4M opening in Japan. The film has now grossed $1.027 billion globally and is fifteenth on the all-time list.

  • Anthony D.

    Alright, good news. :)

  • IJK

    Wonder why this is. Did it get a good word of mouth? So far the main positive comments I’ve heard about it is that “It’s a lot closer to the original source, so that’s nice.” and it’s “Surprisingly good.”

    Not like Dragon where it was more “BEST FILM OF THE YEAR!” word of mouth.

    • “Surprisingly good” is definitely how’d I characterize it. Cool idea and nice execution. I’ve been recommending it quite a bit… so maybe word of mouth is working in its favor.

  • Fbt Thefortyseventh

    I really enjoyed this movie and I will be seeing it again next week!

  • shocker

    “The film will end up being one of DreamWorks’ lowest-grossing CG features to date” Shocker. Dreamworks needs a “creative housecleaning”… or rather, the executives that are greenlighting such awful ideas like Sherman/Peabody, Trolls etc.

  • Mike Cervantes

    It’s just unfortunate that we didn’t get the Rocky and Bullwinkle short along with the film. Now I’ll wind up watching some dragon/panda/penguin thing for it.

    • Max C.

      It’s more likely that it’ll wind up on the DVD release.

  • Paul N

    Saw a prerelease screening, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Last week, we had a character TD as a guest speaker on campus. She showed a trailer for P&S, and I thought “I’d like to see that again.” Hopefully word of mouth will give it legs.

  • George Comerci

    Alright! I loved this movie! I’m sure I’ll see it again sometime soon. I hope it continues to do well! (*^~^*)

    • John Paul Cassidy

      As of this writing, it’s hanging on pretty well! The movie’s well past the $200 million mark worldwide, and should pass the $100 million mark domestically this weekend. On the foreign side, among the remaining markets forthcoming, the movie will be released in Japan in November. (Yeah, I know, a fairly long wait…)

      Needless to say, as a Mr. Peabody fan, I absolutely loved this movie. :)