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“Planes” Opening Outperforms “Turbo” and “Smurfs 2”

Disney’s Planes opened in the United States in third place with an estimated $22.5 million this weekend. The debut of the DisneyToon Studios film, which was originally slated to be a direct-to-video release, topped the opening weekends of DreamWorks’ Turbo ($21.3 mil) and Sony’s Smurfs 2 ($17.5 mil). Planes cost $50 mil to produce, which is modest compared to the recent DreamWorks and Sony pics which cost $135-145 mil to produce. The film is a sad reminder to other studios: Disney can skimp on production quality and still do better than its competitors because of the strength of its all important Disney brand.

Smurfs 2 dropped 46% in its second outing with an estimated $9.5 mil. The film has grossed a paltry $46.6 mil in America. Despicable Me 2 held steady in its sixth weekend, with a ninth place finish of $5.7 mil and a massive total of $338.3 mil, which makes it the fifth highest-grossing American animated feature of all-time. Turbo crashed out of the top ten, landing in 12th place with $2.3 mil in its fourth weekend. The film suffered a huge 64% week-to-week drop and has made $75 mil to date.

Internationally, the number one film in the world was Smurfs 2 for the second weekend in a row. The film pulled in $34.6 mil from international territories. The film’s global total (international and US grosses combined) is only $156.6 mil though, and the film should fall well short of the original film’s $563.7 mil gross. Despicable Me 2 added $12.2 mil from international territories. It has earned $407.5 mil overseas to date, and has a combined global gross of $745.8 mil.

  • jhalpernkitcat

    Nonetheless, it still came in third place on it’s opening. That doesn’t sound very impressive to me.

    • jthomasc

      I dunno maybe I’m more easily impressed, but something that started out in life as a “direct to DVD” coming in third right now impresses me.

      • Lauren

        Good point, and I hate to be that person but… Toy Story 2?

  • Lauren

    Come 10 years time, no one will remember Planes. And that’s all that really matters in the end, isn’t it?

    • William Bradford

      Well, I saw Turbo and for anything to outperform it is not terribly impressive: the fact that not EVERYTHING outperformed Smurfs 2 is a bit sad in all honesty. Now, if Planes outperformed MU or DM2, THEN i’d start to be depressed

    • z-k

      True. Same could be said about high school or presidential nominations/elections. And yet, while in the moment, most everyone in those environments seem to operate under the assumption that THIS TIME, THIS CRUCIAL MOMENT, is so very very important, EVERYTHING HINGES ON IT.

      Such is the nature of the snake oil trade.

      • Giovanni Jones

        Same could be said about reality shows, too. Ryan Seacrest, Jeff Probst and their peers announce results with so much gravitas, you’d think the Mayan calendar was about to be correct.

    • Amir


      10 years? I say 10 months…

      • Justin

        Except 10 months from now we’ll be 2 months away from the release of the sequel. They’re gonna keep striking while the iron is above room temperature.

  • Gerald

    Adjusted for inflation, none of the three films touch the grosses of “Deep Throat.”

    • Krypton Keeper

      50 Shades of Grey is looking to top that.

  • Dana B

    Great…just great…

    I hate to admit this, I really do, but I’m kinda happy it outperformed the opening for Smurfs 2. What an unnecessary sequel, but then again all three of the films mentioned in the title are unnecessary to begin with.

  • Jessica

    This is NOT a Pixar movie. Pixar had nothing to do with this; Planes and it’s sequels are being made by the Disney Toon studios, the same guys who do the Tinkerbell films. That sad thing about this Planes movie is that it damages Pixar’s reputation even though it’s a Disney studio project.

    • Roberto Severino

      Thanks for the correction. I actually had no idea and got confused because I read that this was supposed to be a Cars spinoff.

  • matthew justice

    If i was 5 i would have loved planes and would want all the toys, i would not want a toy snail or a toy smurf how ever. Some people on here forget that animation is about bringing joy to young kids.

  • Kyle_Maloney

    They’ve had several big movies since the Lion King. Sure, lion king probably was the biggest money maker, but that doesn’t diminish the other successes they’ve had since. Although planes kinda does…

  • Krypton Keeper

    *cough* Tangled *cough* Wreck it Ralph *cough*

  • Nick

    – Oh good, Paperman, Disney is pushing CGI in the right direction.
    – But they basically closed their 2D department, how dare they, they don’t care about traditional animation anymore.
    – Hooray new Mickey Mouse shorts, Disney’s bringing the classic mouse back!
    – Boo Planes, they’re cashing in on sequels.
    – Good thing we have things like Wander Over Yonder, Disney Channel is in need of some hearty animation.
    – Because we keep getting generic things like Frozen which looks great but I will criticize anyway because the protagonist has blonde hair like Rapunzel and the elk acts like a dog.

    You’d think this community would understand Disney is a gigantic company made up of several sub divisions and not every piece of work they make is going to be gold. Hey, if they need to make direct-to-video sequels and cash in on spin-offs to pave the way for more interesting projects like Zootopia then… Okay.

    It’d be pretty hard to have a company with thousands of employees make consistently good work all the time anyway so, whatever. There’s no way Planes would have interested anyone here since it wasn’t targeted towards us. It wasn’t even targeted towards “families”, its intention was and always has been little kids.

    If you’re up for criticizing planes, why not go the extra mile and give a scathing review on Bubble Guppies or Littlest Pet Shop?

    • Kevin

      Nick.You Win!!!

    • Krypton Keeper

      2D is not dead at Disney. Most 2D animators still work for the company. Less than ten animators were fired this spring, out of 800. Some were not even 2D animators. 2D is simply on hiatus, everyone is panicking over the SLIGHTEST bit of info they get over this.

    • Boy, do I wish I could upvote this multiple times.

  • Ryan S

    Pixar is slipping!

  • Krypton Keeper

    Pssttt, Walt did that over 75 years ago feeding off the coattails of the Brothers Grimm. He should have gone back to making Mickey Mouse, his OWN creation! So unoriginal!

    • Gabriel Roberts

      Without glen keane’s supervision and design work on BOTH those movies Tangled and WR would be, as Ant G said, riding on Pixars coatails. Glen Keane was the only thing that made those movies even feel like Disney. I forgot cough….

      • Krypton Keeper

        Glen had nothing to do with Wreck it Ralph.

        • David Co.

          Actually, he helped design Sergeant Calhoun.

  • Krypton Keeper

    1. Eisner hated everything to do with Pixar AND 2D animation, he’s out of the company.
    2. Iger becomes CEO and buys Pixar, makes John the head of animation.
    3. John has great respect to the art of 2D animation.
    4. Every film Disney has made since John took over has received near universal critical acclaim.
    5. Marvel/Lucasfilm buyouts are not the end of the Disney brand, get over it. Disney has released films such as Reservior Dogs, Scream, Scary Movie, and Pulp Fiction. A bunch of superheroes and Jedi are not going to hurt Walt’s legacy any more than what’s already been done.

    KK OUT!

  • Chris

    Because lighting/rendering isn’t everything that costs money.

    Development takes time and money.
    It is much cheaper to hit a certain look than to find a certain look. :)