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Box Office Report

‘Sing’ Spikes At Box Office in Second Weekend

Universal’s plan to release Sing as family counterprogrammining against Rogue One has paid off for the studio. Over New Year’s weekend, the Illumination film enjoyed a 21% boost from its opening frame, picking up an estimated $42.8 million for the weekend—and adding in yesterday’s holiday, a 4-day total of $56.4 million.

The Garth Jennings-directed film has now amassed over $180 million in its first thirteen days, and it has managed to do so without ever hitting number one at the box office. Universal and Illumination could care less about the No. 1 spot though. Thanks to the strong start, Sing is now guaranteed to soon become one of the top-10 grossing domestic releases of 2016, joining Illumination’s other original release, The Secret Life of Pets, on that list. Sing has a global gross of $277.8M to date, and will climb much higher over the next few months.

Sing will also end up beating Moana’s box office total. Head-to-head, after 13 days of release, Disney’s Moana grossed just $121M to Sing’s $180M. That’s not to say that Moana is a lightweight though. In its sixth frame, the John Musker and Ron Clements film also enjoyed a holiday boost, rising 42% to $11M (estimated) and $14.3M for the four-day. The film has grossed $213.4M domestically in 41 days. Not every Disney entry is going to generate Zootopia and Frozen box office levels, but with over $400 million in global gross to date, Moana can still be counted as a Disney success.

Over the holiday, Dreamworks’ Trolls crossed $150M at the U.S. box office. Its worldwide total is $333.1M. That’s certainly nothing to scoff at and is consistent with other recent Dreaworks releases (Home, Penguins of Madagascar), but for a film that cost $125 million to produce, the total fails to impress alongside the consistent $500M+ worldwide grosses of Disney, Illumination, and Pixar.

  • yvette kaplan

    Thank you for this Amid! I’m thrilled Sing is doing so well at the Box Office, but I’d really like to Sing it’s many praises a bit if I may! :) It’s a wonderful film. Sincere, warm, good natured and lo and behold–STILL FUNNY! The characters are beautifully drawn– and of course by that I mean written, designed, boarded, voiced, visually acted and CG animated. But to me the major accomplishment– a rarity sadly, among many big animated features– is that while the story is , over all , a straight forward and simple one– it has multiple story lines and emotional arcs for each character — and it works ALL the way through. No down time, no time fillers, no loose ends– and everything comes together in the third act so beautifully and so honestly it is as satisfying a viewing experience as it gets. I love this film! Bravo Illumination. I applaud and thank everyone involved! XOX

    • Renard N. Bansale

      I agree with all your points. Sing is a bizarrely-charming film, even when it shouldn’t work, and the concluding performances (aside from the first one) were simply triumphant. Just imagine how much stronger a film it could’ve been if it had been structured in a manner that isolates each subplot and giving them more time under th spotlight, as opposed to shifting from character to character as though someone were channel-surfing.

      • It would be nice. Not that leaving it open-ended may set it up for a sequel but that’s just a thought.

    • Davion Alexander Blackwíng

      It’s got a lot of plotholes though. You don’t know what happens to the characters after the movie ends. *SPOILER WARNING* Sure, they re-open the theater but that’s all they say. It happens so fast. We don’t know what happens to the mouse, the gorilla, nothing. The mouse just goes away with his new gf but that doesn’t say much.. it ends abruptly without finishing.

    • Davion Alexander Blackwíng

      I personally liked Sing – I can’t help but to like simple movies with nice musics joined by anthro characters – but still.. it’s not a masterpiece. It’s flawed.

  • Sing did pretty well despite the frequent complaints I’ve been hearing (from regular critics to animation ones).

  • Mermaid Warrior

    That’s pretty impressive, especially considering they were going up against Star Wars. (which, while PG-13, still has a large kid fanbase) I figured the film would do well, but I’m surprised it beat out Moana.

  • Mack

    I’d give almost anything to know how Illumination does it. Their movies are good but not great. I’d suggest the secret is in their marketing, but Disney and DreamWorks marketed the heck out of Moana and Trolls, respectively. So, how does Illumination do it?

    • Davion Alexander Blackwíng

      Actually their marketing team sucks – it makes their movies look worse than they are.

  • Pantufla Ocho

    Illumination is killing it

  • Dean Jones

    Illumination is on a roll!! Hot damn.

  • This is good. Sing and Pets prove that Illumination can make good original films, not just Despicable Me and Minions squeals. Both also show that they learned from the mistakes made in The Lorax.