Lucas Till plays Tripp in Monster Trucks from Paramount Pictures. Lucas Till plays Tripp in Monster Trucks from Paramount Pictures.
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SURPRISE! ‘Monster Trucks’ Beat ‘Rogue One’ At the Monday Box Office [Updated]

Defying critics, box office pundits, and even the studio that made the film, Chris Wedge’s live-action/cg hybrid Monster Trucks landed in third place at the box office today with an estimated $4.1 million.

If the number holds when final figures are released on Tuesday, that would be good enough for a third-place Monday, behind Hidden Figures and Sing, and beating out Rogue One, which would take fourth place with $3.8 million. Over the four-day Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, Monster Trucks will end up in sixth place with $15 million. [UPDATE: Paramount overestimated the Monday gross on Monster Trucks by nearly a million dollars. The numbers didn’t hold, and Rogue One edged it out $3,338,523 to $3,223,334.]

While the film won’t come anywhere close to recouping its $125 million production cost, a $15 million opening would still be remarkable considering that Paramount had written off the film months ago as a total loss and decided not to promote it as they would a typical tent-pole. In that light, a $15 million four-day suggests that there was actually greater demand for this film than anyone had anticipated. It certainly could have opened much lower, as other January family releases have shown, like 2015’s Strange Magic which launched in over 3,000 theaters with just $5.5 million, and Norm of the North which opened with $6.8 million in 2016.

Some other surprising Monster Trucks details: The people who saw the film actually liked it, and the film received an “A” Cinemascore from audiences who were polled. Apparently, lots of dads took their children to the film, with the audience made up of 53% males, and 55% under 18. Per social media tracking firm Relishmix:

Monster Trucks is reaching its target audience of parents with small children, many of whom are saying how excited their son will be to see this movie in theaters. While convo is light in its volume compared to other family animated movies, overall, it’s positive.”

In other box office news, Illumination’s Sing has officially surpassed Disney’s Moana at the domestic box office. After the four-day weekend, Sing is at an estimated $238.4M, while Moana is at $233.3M. This now assures that Sing will be 2016’s 10th-highest-grossing domestic film, with Moana taking 11th place.

Globally, Sing has grossed $402.7M to date; Moana has grossed $484.6M.

  • Jason

    I saw the movie with my 14 year old niece and my 7 year old daughter (who were both excited to see the movie). They both loved it.

    I personally hated it because the basic premise is Big Oil Companies Bad, Environmentalism Good which is typical brain washing of kids who do not know any better. How many movies take two high school kids, convert them to eco-terrorist, and treating them as heroes while portraying the Oil companies as selfish money grabbing goons who care nothing of the environment? It’s the wrong message. Again, I wasn’t the target audience.

    • Martin Cohen

      That description sounds like typecasting. Where are the good oil companies?

    • Sabretruthtiger

      I agree about the eco- message nonsense (catastrophic man made global warming is demonstrably a scam and scientifically baseless)
      The film is actually really good despite the eco-premise, really enjoyable with amazing animation.

      • Capital_7

        Scientifically baseless except for the 95% of world climate scientists whose research indicated that it is definitely related. Good to see Alex Jones fans here.

        By allowing you to make your idiotic claims, I trust Amid to allow this counterpoint to what should have been a politics-free discussion.

        • Orion

          While many believe that in some form they are related some of that 95% are skeptics themselves as the question could further be broken down. Its not just “Alex Jones fans”.

          But I don’t wish to turn this into some political debate.

        • Roca

          Well it’s a legit argument that films targeting kids should not include propaganda- whose propaganda is ok and whose isn’t is a discussion for another site. Most kids are getting the “oil companies bad” message already in school anyway. When they’re older they will decide for themselves whether that’s true or not. Back in the 50’s it the protagonist was always an evil banker of some sort trying to close down grandma’s farm. Now it’s the evil oil companies trying to ruin the world. They need some sort of villain. I don’t particularly like being hit over the head with some political message though. Although I loved “Wall-E,” I had the same trouble swallowing its heavy-handedness towards the end. Animation has not yet learned the art of narrative subtlety.

      • Jason

        It is good if you shut off your brain and don’t try to overthink it.

      • Jack Blackstone

        How can it be scientifically baseless if the majority of the science community agree it is happaning right now?

  • Mike

    Good to see it’s at least doing better than expected. It looked like, if not much else, well-made fun.

  • Dante Panora

    You can thank Jim for that.

  • Doconnor

    It’s surprising that Sing has beaten out Moana at the box office. I thought it was the best animated movie of the year and at some points they where bumping up against the uncanny valley. Disney is going to have to decided if they want to try and cross it.

    I wonder what the verdict will be in 20 years when people will be lining up at the Disneyland Moana’s Wild Canoe Ride gift shop, while Sing may be remembered as that old movie with the two forgettable squeals.

  • Shannon Peacock

    Oh my gaah! It did not beat Rogue One! R1 is in its last days. It’s a stupid comparison. Why do they keep doing this?!

    • Doconnor

      It’s interesting that Sing beat out Rogue One.

      • Shannon Peacock

        Dude, wha’d I just say?!

        • Doconnor

          Both movies have been out for approximately the same period of time. Rogue One had more total box office and more re-watch-ability, yet Sing is was more popular last weekend.

          • Shannon Peacock

            No, they haven’t been out about the same amount of time, which isn’t the point anyway.

  • jawsnnn

    Interesting… Considering every blog I read (including this one of I’m not mistaken) had written off this movie with captions like “this movie still exists” before release. Haven’t watched it, but all reviews I follow maintain its a fun bad film that kids will enjoy a lot.