Look Who's Driving Look Who's Driving

Look Who’s Driving

Look Who

Look Who’s Driving: A super-rare UPA educational film from 1954 directed by Bill Hurtz (The Unicorn in the Garden) and designed by Bob Dranko. There’s nothing revolutionary about this short but it’s a superb bit of stylishly designed Fifties animation. Check it out at CartoonBrewFilms.com

Look Who
  • Thank YOO for that great UPA Moment! I always adored that style….I think I’m the only human who loved the (Harveytoons’) “Modern Madcaps” for just the same reason!

  • Eric Knudson

    Stunning! Thanks guys! Can’t wait to capture it frame by frame and replicate it in my own animations! Can’t wait for the next one!

  • Wow, i’m drooling ova’ here! ;)

    A UPA piece that I haven’t seen?!… absurd!
    haha I’m looking forward to checking this one out…

    Thanks guys!

  • Shmorky

    It’s about time! I been wanting to see this short but I have had no luck finding it. Thanks for your continued hard work. Keep this stuff alive and available for all generations to see!

  • LNG

    At least UPA knew what they were doing with cubism.