Cartoon Brew TV #14: <em>Like Me, Only Better</em> Cartoon Brew TV #14: <em>Like Me, Only Better</em>

Cartoon Brew TV #14: Like Me, Only Better

Like Me, Only Better is a film that made us laugh in Annecy last spring, and then made us laugh even harder when we saw it again in Ottawa last fall. That’s when we knew we had to find a way to share it with viewers of Cartoon Brew TV. Directed by Martin Pickles as a graduation project at the Royal College of Art in London, the film has been a big hit on the festival circuit appearing in over fifty festivals to date. Prior to studying animation, Martin had been primarily a live-action filmmaker and many of his earlier films can be seen on his film company website.

Martin Pickles will be participating in the Brew comments if you have any questions for him. Here is his artist’s statement about the film:

Like Me, Only Better is about our day-to-day neuroses and compulsions. I treat a serious subject with sympathy and humour to try and make a film that is both pertinent and entertaining.

Before the RCA I made mainly live-action films, in which the apparatus of filming was often integral to the story. But my experience on the MA course and my sideline as a Flash animator led me towards more traditional animation and my graduation film is almost entirely hand-drawn on paper.

Afterwards I would like to do more commercial work whilst pursuing my own projects and perhaps, in the distant future, even combine the two.

  • Tom

    This was one of my favorites from Ottawa as well.

  • Really loved the film, thanks for posting it, thanks for making it! Very well written and directed.

  • Thanks Martin, it was great to see it again. Twas great hanging out with you at Ottawa.

    Have a happy Christmas.

  • Thanx for posting it ! Really great film.
    I loved to see mysef in the character when he goes into that almost non-stoping checking back the house.

  • richard fox

    I love simple 2d animation that
    tells a good story or makes me
    laugh. This was great to watch
    and thank you for sharing!

  • richard fox

    By the way, I read Cartoon Brew
    more than I do the newspaper!

  • Joe

    That’s the first one I’ve seen, I’m new to the site, but it was awesome. Thanks!

  • This was quite enjoyable to watch! I just discovered Cartoon Brew today and I am totally hooked. I can’t get anything done now!

    Fantastic job Mr. Pickles! What are you working on now? I’d love to see!

  • Hi Martin,

    Hei Cheng showed this at NID as part of the RCA Graduation Films package and it had the whole auditorium roaring with laughter. Subtle humour with some great staging really do hit the spot. If this is at all autobiographical I both pity and envy you at the same time!

    Rohit Iyer