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DreamWorks Employs A LOT of Artists

January 2011 Union Employees

According to the chart above, originally posted on The Animation Guild blog, last month DreamWorks employed 799 union artists, which matches the combined number of union artists employed by Nickelodeon, Fox, Film Roman, Warner Bros. and Cartoon Network. Granted, companies like Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network produce countless non-union shows outside of their main studios, but as far as LA animation employment is concerned, DreamWorks rules the roost.

  • Stephen M. Levinson

    Wooo 6 point 2!

  • 2011 Child

    This makes sense. You posted in the past that DreamWorks is currently the biggest money making studio right now, and they will likely have the financing to support these employees.

    IM stands out, too, as the third highest. What did they make again?

    • Monster House, Polar express, Christmas Carol

      • Bryon

        and ‘Mars Needs Moms!’

  • Regardless of people’s feelings for Dreamworks, they got it going on up there!

    I kept hearing that they make more money, which I find interesting considering how it seems that Pixar makes more money off their films, and that doesn’t include merchandise.

    • I might be wrong, but I think Dreamworks has made nearly twice as many animated films.

      Props to them for keeping artists employed!

  • Karen

    Dreamworks makes more fillms.

  • sam

    are pixar employees counted with disney?

    • dig

      Nope. Pixar is non-union. Unfortunately for them.

  • Karen

    I don’t think so–they’re non union. Pixar has about 1500 employees.

  • It’s also a great place to work. I’ve NEVER been treated better.d

  • And this is why the Annies are dominated by Dreamworks.

    More employees = more votes.

    Which is not to say Dreamworks aren’t producing great movies. They are.

    But the recent farce at the Annies must have been pretty disheartening for animators not working at Dreamworks.

    • Ethan

      You missed that the table above is about UNION artists. Here’s some other numbers.

      1. Disney has about 150,000 employees.
      2. Dreamworks Animation has about 1,600 employees.

      See? 100 times more. I can use the numbers I choose to mean whatever I want. So, how many “artists” work under Disney? It’s somewhere in-between, but I don’t think it will support your asinine conclusion. Pixar is not unionized, that’s probably over 800 people to add right there.

  • Another fun fact: Dreamworks has been in Fortune’s Top 100 Companies for 2 years running. IN the top 20, no less. INteresting how Cartoon Brew doesn’t comment on that fact.

    • The Brewmasters

      Yeah, it’s really interesting how we didn’t comment on that fact considering that we have a link to an article about DreamWorks being named the 10th best company to work for posted in our INDUSTRY HEADLINES right now.