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The $20 Movie Ticket Has Arrived

Shrek Forever After

The Wall Street Journal reports that this weekend, for the first time ever, a movie theater will charge $20 for a regular admission adult movie ticket. The theater: AMC in Manhattans’s Kips Bay neighborhood. The film they’re charging you twenty dollars to see: Shrek Forever After.

UPDATE: The New York Times has a follow-up story that says theaters have backtracked on the $20 ticket and reduced prices. They claim the prices listed were a mistake. The same Kips Bay AMC charged $19.50 per ticket for IMAX showings of DreamWorks’ previous film How to Train Your Dragon.

  • Autumn

    Ok, not worth it. Love Shrek, but I’m not spending that much, sorry.

  • Kevan

    …and was already corrected as a mistake on their website, according to the New York Times.

  • Use the $20 to buy a pencil, some paper, and a set of paper clips for registration. Then animate your soul out on a glass coffee table with a lamp underneath, scan it into a free animation app and have a cool beverage to celebrate. No doubt it will be far more funny and enjoyable than the exploitative, dreadful Drek 4, and you’ll be an empowered, animated creator, not a nitwit consumer of a soulless franchise !

    PS. to Mike Myers: we USED to like you when you were cool. Now, a $100 million already in your bank account isn’t enough for you??!!
    These days even Wayne’s World wouldn’t have YOU for a guest.

  • JMatte

    I thought that was a mistake, as the almost 20$ price tag had previously only applied to the Imax 3D showing of Dragons.
    Who knows, maybe the price increase will be there for Toy Story 3, but I doubt it.
    Guess this entry could be deleted, as it is a no-story.

  • Keith

    And I thought ticket prices to theme parks were outrageous. Man, this is nuts.

  • How To Dragon etc was $22 for an adult ticket (3D Imax) at the Loews on 34th street.

  • Christopher Cook

    I kissed $10.50 goodbye to see “2012.” What makes theater onwers think I’m gonna kiss $20 goodbye to see something like “Shrek”?

  • MichaelDair

    Disney has decided to lower its park admission prices to pre-recession…er.. um Depression prices.

    One would think theaters/studios would hold back on Jacking film goers.

    For me the 3D is not worth the extra cost. And let’s not talk about the snacks…Yeeeeeesh!

  • Tim Hodge

    Netflix looks better and better every day.

  • Ben K.

    Well, guess I’ll only be seeing Toy Story 3 this summer.

  • fishmorgjp

    Crying out loud, who’d want to pay twenty bucks to see more Shrek stuff? Is it a cheat if the victim WANTS to be cheated?

  • bluenowait

    Man, It’s getting cheaper to see a ball game. At least with my local AA minor-league team.

  • John A

    The answer for now? $1 Redbox Movies. I don’t need to see movies in vertigo-inducing 3-D.

  • I think the industry is experimenting to see how much people will pay.

    So far, the public hasn’t stopped paying.

  • captainobvious

    Oh god. Guess what, guys. The studios don’t set the movie ticket prices, the movie theater business does. Are you all really this clueless?

  • JMatte

    In a similar article, they mention 70$ movie tickets for screenings of Sex In The City.
    Mind you, part of that price is for the pre-party. But a few theater do charge more these days, enticing customers with better seats, special drinks and food that you can bring in the theater.
    I ain’t talking exclusive popcorn here.

    They do find ways to increase the price.

  • Gregory Bernard

    Captainobvious, do we all have to pile on you to teach you that the theaters are being squeezed into bankruptcy by the studios, and so have to charge big money for tickets and snacks just to keep the lights lowered?

  • Chris Sobieniak

    You know how old you are when a movie costs practically the same amount you could be spending on a home video release. God I don’t think I could handle that on a daily basis.

  • FP

    The problem will fix itself when enough people lose the ability to pay these ticket prices.

  • Paid $17 to see Dragon in 3D at AMC Burbank. Could have skipped the 3D. Great movie, but the ENDLESS commericials and promos beforehand..Coke, WalMart..on and on…insufferable.

  • ZAR

    Better stay home and invest your money in a decent home theater.

    That will solve those overpricing issues soon enough.

    If they don’t care about their customers, they have to learn it the hard way.

  • Brad Constantine

    That’s it…I’m so keeping the glasses!

  • Inkan1969

    I’m deliberately boycotting Shrek until it reaches the dollar cinemas. I’ll give it a screening, but the less money I pay to see this movie the better.