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The Only Animation Ad You Need to Read on Craigslist This Week

This is the only animator-for-hire ad you need to read on Craigslist this week. Click image to embiggen:

(Thanks, Josh Ryan, via Cartoon Brew’s Facebook page)

  • Lea

    Oh dear. I fear that’ll be me in a few years.

  • Roberto Severino

    There is so much truth to this ad. It’s very satirical too. Nothing against the creators of Family Guy, South Park, or The Venture Brothers, but time has not been kind to the employment situation in the animation industry. The financial crisis of 2008’s effects still linger to this day. Take caution.

  • Tom Pope

    I would totally watch 5 seconds of a talking chili cheese Frito.

    • Ikas

      Of course, but how many would pay to watch it ?

      • Bryan Young

        Depends on how high the audience is.

  • Up North

    Is animation crack?

  • I want to work this dude

  • jhalpernkitcat

    So the animator lives under a bridge? I had no idea trolls were into cartooning.

  • Mike

    It’s not just animation.

    Wish I had a dollar for every schmuck who wanted me to create a logo or website for them—FOR FREE—and for “experience.” Graphic designers beware.

    • I had someone ask me to design an album cover for them (for free, though since he worked in a bike shop he would not charge me to work on my bike anyway so I bothered doodling something quick to send him and I suppose I’ll get the free service out of the deal).

    • superbiasedman

      Always agree to logo requests since a logo is just a text or quick sketch, so it’s easy for you to do quickly.
      All you need to do is after a week or two, send a logo that’s the company’s name in plain 12 point comic sans over the first google image result when you put in their company name.

  • Pudleiner

    Lol ;D
    Love this !

  • SarahJesness

    I’m actually kind of tempted to contact this guy and offer some ideas. See how he would respond. XD

    Anyway, this ad is AMAZING! Laughing the whole way through.

  • slowtiger

    This guy totally nalis it. I’ve seen hundreds of “job offers” over the years using exactly these words.

  • Everlasting Concubine

    Remember kids, when anyone says “It will be great exposure!”…


  • paper

    Accurate observations, but he sure as hell isn’t a writer by trade.

  • I, half awake, emailed the guy last night asking if he was serious. No reply, but now fully awake I see why. It’s clearly some vent. Thing is though, there are a ton of young novices who honestly think and act in that way even if they don’t consciously acknowledge it. And as it’s been said many times before here, they f*ck it up for everyone else, including people like him.

  • Yaya

    or hey! how about this? stop whining, cut the sarcasm and go out to find an occupation WHICH PAYS?

    • Rachel

      Are you saying that animators shouldn’t be paid for their work?

  • Bill “Danger” Robinson

    Animators always come off a bit entitled.

    • Rachel

      We’re entitled because we don’t want to work for free?

      • Bill “Danger” Robinson

        Musicians, artists of all types and writers work long hours without any hope of getting paid. Most will never have a chance at an actual job doing what they love. Studio animators at least have an opportunity to get occasional paying gigs. There’s no union for writers or musicians (not a real one anyway.)

  • Steve

    I dont mean to sound condescending, but if you’re good, and I mean really good, you’ll never have to deal with people trying to get you to work for free. Allow me to assume that if this person worked more on their animation skills and less on whining, they’d be working somewhere…because there is more work for animators NOW than any other time in history.

    • superbiasedman

      To be honest, I would not be surprised if really good people in various creative fields do still get this, and just find it easier to ignore since they have other work.

      • caricaturist

        To do this, you may or may not be really good, but you MUST be stupid. That’s the key ingredient. Smart people simply don’t have any inclination to give it away. Animation costs time. Time is money. Ergo, animation costs money.

    • timmyelliot

      That’s funny. It reminds me a those Chuck Norris jokes. If you’re good, I mean really good… you don’t even have to animate, you just glare at a page and the page animates itself… if you’re good, I mean really good… you don’t look for work, work looks for you.

  • IamSamJackson

    Dear Whining Animator,

    I’m happy you would love to work as a cog in the wheel your whole life and never work on any of those projects that you want to work on.

    I’m glad you work your day job and then go home and play video games. Heaven forbid you are like an actor, musician, dancer, etc who after their day job who work on those side projects and gigs to help them move up in the world.

    It is just so disgusting to work together and collobarate with people on a project that can possibly grow into something big.

    I love the general respect you have for writers who have an idea that may just be worth something but cannot bring it to life because they cannot do what you do. Writers and creators are just a bunch of idiots with loads of money.

    WE all know nothing good has ever been accomplished by working together or collaborating on a common idea. That is just crazy.

    We know working for a corporation and only for someone with big bucks is the way to go. After all if you work for Disney Animation, Dreamworks, etc you are bound to have a great future. They never get rid of folks on a whim…..

    Okay enough sarcasm. I’m tired of animators, modelers and other folks who think they are too good for collaboration. Imagine what can be accomplished if people did work together and acted like true artists.

    Think of all the bands out there that would have never happened if for example you have a great guitarist who went around and was looking for a drummer and all the drummers said “you have to pay me money you don’t have”

    To many of you visual artists are only seeing the small picture and that is why you get raped by Disney and reduced in pay. You stay separated and merely work as cogs vs working together to accomplish something and then looking down on folks who may even have a good idea.

    Look at this interview with Ralph Bakshi

    I hope you change your attitude.

  • Grznbch

    OK, all of you are right. . . . BUT :
    I have a concept for an interesting story. I do concept and text, lots of text.
    Now I want to animate the thing and would like to find an animator to share all

    earnings and risks. But have fun. The work is not too tedious. It is limited. But if it works out, he will be the number one animator of the project, and not a little wheel in an amimation factory. – – – Is this fair or not? It is a chance. If it does not work out, sorry. I’m a freelancer too. We are no socialists. That’s the way my whole life. And I’m very happy with it, and earn all I need. – – – Now, because I don’t find the guy, I have to learn animation design by myself. When I have learned it, I do it alone. That doesn’t help other animators either. But it’s stupid. Well, I must be stupid, loosing a whole year learning at least.
    – – – May be he’s not whining. Maybe, he’s very clever.