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Titmouse opens a studio in New York

Titmouse East

Animation studio Titmouse (Metalocalypse, Megas XLR) has opened a New York studio in the Tribeca district of Manhattan. The image above is an announcement for their opening party which took place last Friday. The New York studio will be producing the second season of the Adult Swim series Superjail!, and is also developing future projects.

The New York branch, which follows their successful home base in Los Angeles, represents a homecoming of sorts for co-owner Chris Prynoski, who runs the studio with his wife Shannon. Prynoski established his career working at MTV Animation in New York on shows like Beavis and Butt-Head, The Head, and Daria as well as creating the series MTV Downtown.

The opening of a top-tier studio in New York is welcome news because the number of studios here that produce series animation on a par with LA outfits can be counted on one hand. I can think of just Augenblick Animation, World Leaders and Curious Pictures. Even better, Titmouse is a studio run by people who actually like cartoons, and they have solid credentials in TV, commercials, music videos, and games. If their raucous studio launch party was any indication, Titmouse’s arrival promises to breathe new life and energy into New York’s animation industry.

  • Stone

    Congrats to Chris, Shannon and East Coast animation!

  • The best news I’ve heard in New York animation in a very very long time! My attitude on working in New York just went from “soul crushing” to “renewed hope!”

  • …Also this party was awesome which only furthers what good news this is!

  • PeeDee; “Look ma! We did it!”

    Congrats to Titmouse for the expansion. This is great news for NY animation.

  • I am so excited for this studio and everything that comes out of it! Great job everyone!

  • Congrats to Chris, Shannon, and all the Titmice!

  • Sounds like fun! Congrats on that Titmouse. Nice to hear studios opening than closing…

  • As a proud Bronxite, nothing is more cheerful to hear about than more animation studios in NY.

    Famous Studios is one of my favorite animation studios, and I enjoyed watching their works on TV since I was a kid. I was even more delighted to learn later on that they were right in my own backyard (downtown)! I hope Titmouse East and other studios continue this tradition.

    Yeah, I’m sure LA’s got everything, but I think NY needs some love, too. It was dismaying to see some local talent and industries moving away, so this is a a more welcome change of pace! And I say this as a proud New York native/East Coaster.