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VFX Soldier Reveals Himself To Be Daniel Lay

The identity of the anonymous VFX Soldier blogger has been revealed to be technical director Daniel Lay. Lay, who has worked at DreamWorks Animation, Sony Pictures Imageworks, and Digital Domain, has spent the last three years chronicling issues that affect the visual effects industry.

Lay outed himself this morning while heading the visual effects demonstration outside of DreamWorks Animation. David S. Cohen of Variety spoke to the blogger about his reasons for coming out:

First, the movement he helped found to fight back against foreign tax incentives is becoming a formal organization, the Association of Digital Artists, Professionals and Technicians (ADAPT). Second, he said “people have been falsely accused of being VFX Soldier and have been blacklisted, so this is the time for me to come out. That got my blood boiling.”

  • Mapache

    Why must there be martyrs in order to prove the system doesn’t work?

  • LouisPh

    It’s about greenscreen….. without VFX , there is only a greenscreen, that’s why there are so important

    • Strong Enough

      i know. but i’m saying all these companies want to do is spend less money so they outsource jobs.

      • LouisPh

        Delocalisation sux for everyone

    • Ben

      It’s to make it easier for news companies to green screen out the protesters.

  • sabretruthtiger

    It seems they’re fighting to keep the industry in the US, as a VFX worker outside of the US they’re attempting to remove my livelihood so no thanks.

    • David Breaux

      Obviously you have no problem displacing many jobs that were in the U.S.

      • RachelC

        Obviously you don’t realise many jobs have a long history being outside of the US. Along with film productions generally.

        Sounds like you want to stop all competition and force people to have only U.S. companies as their choice?

        • DavidL

          I think there is a difference between wanting to end the economic incentives of choosing between studios, and wanting to monopolize the VFX and animation industries.

          Ending subsidies doesn’t necessarily bring all business back to the US. Economic incentives can turn skew the decision for which studio should get the job regardless of the talent or stylistic suitability. If a studio outside the US is right for the job, they should get it, but perhaps not just because of the tax breaks that are offered.

          Its more about the desire for a level playing field, where the decision is merit based as opposed to a purely economic one. Film making is financially biased enough without these subsidies.

  • sabretruthtiger

    Obama will probably unite with foreign leaders (the other New World Order puppets) to destroy subsidies thus destroying the industry worldwide and concentrating it in the US, then due to the collapsing US dollar and over regulation he’ll destroy the industry in the US. Mission complete. It’s all part of the divide and conquer strategy of destroying production and siphoning wealth from the population to destroy any resistance to the tyrannical world government the elite bankers are implementing.

    • Strong Enough