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Cartoon Brew Pick

‘Glenda, The Classiest Galaxy Tourist’ by Someone’s Ex

“Glenda needs to put her fingers everywhere, despite the clear signs that forbid touching anything.”

Created by Someone’s Ex. Glenda’s Theme by Steve Rice.

  • Dante Panora

    Anytime I hear the names Glen or Glenda in any kind of media I assume it’s going to be some kind of spin on the Ed Wood movie for some reason.

  • It´s awesome. Liked it so much :)

  • GW

    Very interesting minimalistic episode. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next one.

  • Amazing. Dig

  • GW

    I was thinking a little bit more about this. I wonder why they chose the penname Someone’s Ex. Is it supposed to be a quirky pseudonym or does it have real meaning? Perhaps it’s better that we don’t know as it gives us the opportunity to speculate.