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‘Gummy Gas Crisis’ by Rodrigo Díaz

“Space gasman Ed must overcome various obstacles in order to save his hometown. In this adventure, the mayor of the city asks Ed to fix a gas leak caused by the enemy, a virus called Lord Gasideous, who wants to dominate everyone by spreading his gas all over the city.”

Directed by Rodrigo Díaz at Blirp Studio, Argentina, 2017.

Directed by Rodrigo Díaz
Art direction: Andrés De Mula
Script: Rodrigo Díaz, Andrés De Mula
Character design: Rodrigo Díaz
Background design: Rodrigo Díaz, Andrés De Mula
3D animation: Rodrigo Díaz, Terry Chocolaad
Rigging: Terry Chocolaad, Andrés De Mula
3D modeling: Tim Mc Clane, Andrés De Mula, Mario Mendoza
2D animation: Memé Candia
Graphic design: Andrés De Mula
Compositing: Rodrigo Díaz, Andrés De Mula
Original music and sound design: Andrés Grosso and Carlos Del Río (

  • GW

    That was a fun short film. Very interesting combination of cel shaded cg and hand drawn animation. The vivacious full hand drawn animation showing inside the character’s brain in the midst of 3D models and 2D backgrounds makes the rest of the work look less good by comparison though, unfortunately. The mayor sort of reminds me of the leader of the chromatist gang in De Blob.