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Cartoon Brew Pick

‘Hopkins & Delaney LLP’ by Sean Buckelew

An important client visits the law offices of Hopkins & Delaney LLP to discuss his copyright infringement suit. (Read a making-of.)

Written, Directed & Animated by Sean Buckelew
Voices by Ethan Clarke, Chris Sullivan, Bruce Buckelew, Clara Kim and Lauren Morrison
Sound by Sean Buckelew and Nacho Cano
Re-Recording Mix by Raffaello Mazza, Ashish Dha and Ben Huff
Titles by Jeanette Bonds
Made in the CalArts Experimental Animation program, 2014.

  • slowtiger

    The style and especially the sound design are great, but I can’t make out neither head nor tail of the story.

    • Pitch

      Could you explain the stuff in between the head and tail to me then ? I don’t get THAT either.

  • Greg Sharp

    Nice filim!

  • LOVE this. The making of is thoughtful and totally worth the read. Amazing work!!

    • To elaborate, one of the main things I love about this film is that (as he explains in the making of) it breaks away from this super cliche and way overused concept of “the daily grind at the office.” I feel like video creators constantly use the portrayal of a boring cubicle office (or worse yet, a factory) as a symbolic oppressive force to weigh against some fantastical escape montage where fancy imaginative stuff happens and goes on to show “the true self”of the main character (among other possible routes). This is not only such a clutch of a concept, but also has this really sad implication that things can only be creative and enjoyable in a day dream universe, and an insult to everyone who lives in reality. In contrast, it is really exciting and significant to see a film that is able to depict mundane reality in such an artfully inspired light. Can’t wait to see more of his work!

  • May1979

    Ah, a great reminder why I chose NOT to attend law school after college.