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‘House Wanders, Bird Water Full’ by Veronika Samartseva

Veronika Samartseva is an animation director from Germany, who specializes in analog animation techniques. Her award-winning films have been shown at international festivals worldwide. After her graduation from HFF Konrad Wolf Babelsberg, Veronika joined the Berlin-based animation collective Talking Animals. Recently she started teaching animation at the BTK University of Design.

Veronika’s graduation film, House Wanders, Bird Water Full, is described as “a journey into the inner world of woman, who descends into her own depths to finally emerge from a discord with her lover.” Samartseva displays a wonderful collection of intuitive stop motion techniques, utilizing a multi-plane setup and cut-out puppetry. The world of the film is full of vibrant visuals, emotional depth, and excellent sound. The approach to the narrative is honest and abstract, using transformative spaces as a vehicle to travel deeper into the source of a changing feeling.

Take a look at some documentation of the filmmaking process below, as well as a time-lapse showing the setup work for creating the interior house scene:

Director and animator: Veronika Samartseva
Sound and mixing: Michał Krajczok
Music: Marian Mentrup
Additional editing: Rudi Zieglmeier
Producer: HFF “Konrad Wolf”

  • Jen

    amazing work!!!!

  • kzkdk

    Very beautiful. Loved the colors, loved the sounds, loved the way space and shapes are shifted and the way they act as a form of progression. I was reminded of Hedgehog in the Fog with the use of multiplane. My two favorite scenes were of the bird becoming the man’s sweater, and the perspective shot of the woman brushing aside the broken cups with her foot (ouch!).