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Cartoon Brew Pick

‘I Decided to Leave’ by Dan Britt

It was 9:54 when I decided to leave…

A film by Daniel Britt
Voice of ‘Man’ by Tim Key
Sound Design and Music by Oswald Skillbard
Animation Assistants: Angus Dick, Jac Clinch, Doug Hindson, Jenny Lundmark
Based on an idea by Daniel Britt and Joe Pelling
A THIS IS IT Production for Channel 4, 2014.

  • Daniel Ruiz

    Have you ever got that “what the hell was that about?—I don’t know, but I liked it” feeling?
    Me too.

  • Keen Bean

    The formula to these kinds of features always leaves me astounded. How does he caputure that seredipity of discovery only to find out what you’ve discovered weather it be in the woods, a club or a job is not as magnificent as you first thought it to be? I hope I find an orb that takes me to another world someday

    • Chris

      The orb was a metaphor for a psychedelic plant that provided him with the ultimate spiritual knowledge experience.

      • Keen Bean

        Well I guess I’ve already found that orb then. And I’m still here.

  • The mug was a powerful symbol.