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Cartoon Brew Pick

“Land” by Masanobu Hiraoka

Abstraction and metamorphosis.

Directed and animated by Masanobu Hiraoka
Music and Sound design: Aimar Molero
Voice: Marina Herlop

  • sashatemp

    Oh, wow. I normally never finish of non-narrative animations but this had me completely hypnotized! the sounds movements and color all flowed together so beautifully, an all the little detail is so superb! Makes me want to jump into that world.

  • bobbyjayjay

    Novice here… What programs were likely used in the rendering of this? It’s so beautifully smooth.

  • Ahmad

    Amazing and brilliant work. Very genuine imagination and flowed animation that we don’t see everyday. I raise my hat to praise Masanobu Hiraoka

  • Fabrice Ducouret

    Oh no! Now it’s asking for a password :/