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‘Ma’agalim’ by Uri Lotan

“In a forgotten old penny arcade, a wooden doll is stuck in place and time.” Music video for Jane Bordeaux’s “Ma’agalim” directed by Uri Lotan.

Music: Jane Bordeaux Band (Doron Talmon, Amir Zeevi, Mati Gilad)
Producers: Uri Lotan and Yoav Shtibelman
Director: Uri Lotan
Co-Director: Yoav Shtibelman
Art Director: Ovadia Benishu
Additional Art: Avner Geller
Lighting and Shading: Yosef Refaeli
Additional Lighting: Uri Lotan, Rob Showalter
Storyboard: Yoav Shtibelman
Modeling and Rigging: Uri Lotan, Ore Peleg, Or Ofri
Texturing:Yosef Refaeli, Dor Ben-Dayan
Animation: Yoav Shtibelman, Toby Pedersen, Ron Polischuk
Effects: Phenomena Labs
Compositing: Uri Lotan, Ilya Marcus
Colorist: Ilya Marcus

  • Dave 52

    Amazing and beautiful.

  • Cory DeVore

    I saw this recently, and I’m glad you shared it. It’s wonderfully done, and very powerful.

  • FM Hansen

    Extremely well done. Very beautiful and moving.