susanaloadofcrap susanaloadofcrap
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‘Susana and her Load of Crap’ by Cesar Diaz Melendez

EARTH University is a non-profit university based in Costa Rica that specializes in sustainable agriculture and natural resources management. EARTH U offers students in Latin America, Africa and the Caribbean the opportunity to learn to use the earth sustainably, creating stronger, healthier, more prosperous communities.

This 90-second video animated entirely in dirt by artist Cesar Diaz Melendez (Paranorman, Frankenweenie) tells the story of one graduate, Susana Fallas, who is helping communities turn their bio-pollution into an alternate energy source. Literally turning poop into usable energy.

Making-of video below:

  • Ahmad

    very impressive work, especially that its done in a few weeks. reminded me of the work of Gerald Conn

  • akira

    very cool! i’ve been out of touch with new stop motion technology… can somebody point me in the right direction to find out how to do a good cheapish stop motion capture camera/ software setup on a PC where you can control focus and exposure (last time i looked into things, the cheap stop motion capture programs used webcams and last time i looked into webcams you couldn’t control focus and exposure on one). i’ve tried websearching but a lot of stuff i’m finding is years old and i’m just wondering what the best and reasonably priced (under $500 not including computer would be nice but willing to go higher if it is really good quality) setup may be. thanks if you can help! (if this comment isn’t appropriate here i’d love to see an article on this some time please)

    • David

      Dragonframe is your best bet for up to date industry standard stop motion animation software that falls below your price line.