‘The Cat with Hands’ by Robert Morgan


A cat wants to become human.

Written, directed and animated by Robert Morgan
Old Man: Livy Armstrong
Young Man: Daniel Hogwood
Boy: Victoria Hayes
Director of Photography: Marcus Waterloo
Set Designer: Graham Johnston
Costume Designer: Jason Gill
Make-up artist: Madeleine van Groeningen
Set Construction and dressing: Derek Lee Dunning, Lea Lehtola, Ros Cumberland, Fang
Assistant set dressers: Joe Borowski, Jamie Alcock
Modelmakers: John Wright Modelmaking, Josie Corben, Andre Gilbert, Emma Parsons, Simon Wilson
Prosthetic Sculpting: Andrea Reynolds, Michael White
Digital Artist: Alejandra Jimenez
Stills Photographer: Ed Miller
Editor: Tony Fish
Sound designer: Z-no
Made for Channel Four, 2001.