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Cartoon Brew Pick

‘Violence Over Sex’ by Aron Keyser

A day at the beach goes wrong…but the parents have a solution. A film by Arón Keyser.

Director, storyboard, animation: Arón Keyser
Backgrounds: Robin French
Sound and music: Thomas Brooks
Voice cast: Mick Lauer, Elsie Lovelock, Pierce Shipp
Additional art assistance: Thomas Brooks, Laura Jay, Shawn Smith
Edited by Macks

  • Honest_Miss

    I love how deliberately hamfisted this is.

  • Slim Cognito

    I really love the lineless art style in it. And it provides some great social commentary as well. The part where they start killing the dog always cracks me up.

  • exiledeschamps

    This is a good replacement for The Book of Genesis. It pretty much sums up our times, our attitudes about the body, and the impotence of the mental health tradition to Resurrect the Joy of Our Desiring, let alone respect our physcophysical parity with the animal ecology, oh that dog aint real. Depression is the dog. These cute manly John K Clone pencil jocks are like prophets. They don’t really have any job skills anymore, but in their unconscious raving of their furious pencil waving, they prefigure a vision of a New Hollywood Fascism, we Marvel at the PhiLoki as one universal ideal: pandemographia. Family Fun on Every Channelhouse.

  • Trevor Cartmill-Endow

    Ha good one.