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30 years ago, Glen Keane predicted the future…

In 1982, Alan Kay and Bob Stein of Atari’s Research Group began conceiving the idea of an “intelligent encyclopedia”. They hired young hot-shot Disney animator Glen Keane to create pitch art, to help visualize the concept to Atari’s owners (at the time): Warner Bros. Stein, now co-founder of The Institute for the Future of the Book, has posted the lost Keane drawings on his if:book blog. Check out the nine images, which are surprisingly accurate in their prediction of how we use the internet.

(Thanks, Keith Krall)

  • The Gee

    There’s something special about seeing the predicted Future in cartoon form.
    I worry that in the future the Future might not always be depicted in cartoon form.

    Anyways, it’s a cool to see this here.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      It was nice when we still knew how to draw at all!

      I suppose if you switched out Atari for Apple, it would apply itself perfectly to these sketches.

  • I wonder if Steve Jobs was lurking around barefoot as Keane sketched these up:)

  • Tim Hodge

    But Glen didn’t foresee the demise of Atari.

    • Bugsmer

      Perhaps Glen foresaw the reemergence of Atari.