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A Collection of Disney Tattoos

Disney Tattoos
Please look at these closely before deciding it’s a good idea to get a Disney image permanently stained onto your body.

(via Trexarms)

  • Jay

    This weekend at Walt Disney World saw a little old guy covered head to toe in Disney tattoos. Millions of Mickeys and other characters at the park etc. It was unreal.

  • At least the Star Wars ones look kinda badass.

  • AltredEgo

    People really will spend money to take a signature from one you likely don’t know and put it on your body forever? Or a corporate logo? Or franchise mascot?

    The mind struggles…

  • Oh dear!

  • The other day I saw an older woman with cartoon character heads on her forearms, and it was the weirdest mix. On one she had Mickey, Pluto, and Scooby Doo, and on the other she had two of the Chipmunks from Alvin and the Chipmunks along with Yogi Bear.

    She worked at Wal-Mart.

  • Kenny

    Cartoon tats are pretty dope. I got Yoqi myself.

  • I’ll admit, I thought of getting a tattoo before, but I don’t think I’ll ever get one. As for getting a Disney-related tattoo all I can say is, ew.

  • Tattoos bug me. From a distance, they at first appear to be bruises or some kind of skin disease. During autopsies, heavily-tattooed people are often found to have deep blue hearts from dye migration.

  • Yea, I’m down with cartoons tats that are good. I’ve got Susie the Little Blue Coupe on my arm. :)

  • None of these would dissuade Marc Jacobs.

  • In the neck!! Does that get you a life-time free pass at the park?

  • J.m

    Could these tattoos be any uglier ,or any tackier ?

  • Tugboat Mickey is the only good one.

    The Walt Disney one is a pretty lame idea. Fail.

    PS. Kenny, that Yogi tattoo rules.

  • dbenson

    You’d think somebody would do a Popeye-style bicep: a volcano, a generator, an army of angry babies under the banner “INFANT-RY”, etc.

    By the way — Have you met Lydia?
    (cue piano)

  • B.Bonny

    Opens up whole new possibilities for movie advertising.

  • Tom

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  • This Popeye-style tattoo works for me…


    If only the girl in the photo didn’t resemble Olive Oyl so much.

  • Kristjan

    I do wonder if any of these people actually collect the proper Disney stuff i.e Cartoons an the comics? I think this is strange habit to collect tattos let alone if they belongs actually to company.

  • PrinceB

    The little Bambi was cute. ^^

  • Kyle Maloney

    For me personally, there isn’t a tat in the world that I could look at and think, “yeah I’m never going to want this removed”. Nothing looks better than the flesh we’re already born with.

    I can kind of get it if its something that really manes something to the person. But 90% of the ones I see just look tacky.

  • Bryan

    Walt Disney’s signature is one of the most (maybe THE most) recognizable signatures in the world- you’d think the person would’ve had no trouble finding an accurate reproduction to get tatoo’ed.