Adventure Time x  Ghibli Adventure Time x  Ghibli
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“Adventure Time” x Studio Ghibli

Adventure Time mashed into Studio Ghibli
by 17-year-old Deighvid.

(via Super Punch)

  • Crystal

    These are adorable!!! Kinda neat that it uses the genderflipped version as much (if not more) than the standard characters. Kinda reminds me of some of Natasha Allegri’s work (she’s amazing).

  • Chauvel

    Cool! What would be really neat to see is Adventure Time characters drawn in the exact style Studio Ghibli is known for.


  • I think things like this should stay in tumblr or deviantart. It’s got its merits, but there’s sooo much crossover out there. (Don’t get me wrong, this is a decent drawing).

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Reminds me of 2chan/4chan stuff.

    • On the contrary – I like good clever crossovers like this as a reminder to us that style decisions are always arbitrary, and completely independent from story. They also make me think about how big a part marketing really plays in the success of any film or series. Sometimes I fear that all design is just a wrapper, different from country to country, to sell the underlying story.

  • Sarah

    I want this as a t-shirt.

  • E. Nygma

    Well, Adventure Time is one of my all time favorite Shows and Ghibli is one of my favorite animation studios…Saying that I feel like I should like this more. Good idea though!

  • Great

    Holy noodles, 17 y/o, heck am I doing wrong? (seriously, someone tell me) Very pro work here.

  • Alissa

    D’aw cute little bit of fan-art! I’ve always felt that good shows/movies get the best fan-made material, and this continues to prove it.

  • Paul M

    Deihvid, your drawing skill is excellent and your eye for adapting the work is superb. I expect to be enjoying your work on a professional level before long.

  • Sarah J

    The title is a lie, this isn’t “Adventure Time x Studio Ghibli”, it’s “Adventure Time x Princess Monoke”. Though I admit, I do enjoy seeing characters from a work being drawn in different styles.