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Analyzing the Greatest Game of Baseball Ever

“Bugs Bunny, Greatest Banned Player Ever”, a ridiculously long and deadpan examination of Friz Freleng’s 1946 classic Baseball Bugs, is a treat for any baseball fan like myself.

The piece was recently selected for inclusion in the 2007 Best American Sportswriting annual.

To follow along with the analysis, I’ve posted Freleng’s short below.

(Thanks, Mark Newgarden)

  • ridgecity

    Leave it up to nerds to turn even the most original concept into a boring and complicated discussion to fill their High School Clubs meetings with…

    Please don’t turn Looney Tunes into the next Star Wars, and release a chronological study about when during the year does the transition from duck season to rabbit season actually happens, and what kind of ammunition Elmer Fudd could use so it could kill a rabbit but only make him dizzy when it backfires… please don’t.

    I love documentaries about the creators but not about dissecting the story they came up with and what the subliminal subject you might think is running in the background.

  • Ryan W. Mead

    Who stole your sense of humor, ridgecity? This is meant to be taken tongue-in-cheek, and it’s hilarious. Of course cartoons aren’t supposed to be 100% adherent to the laws of physics. The faux-science in the article is what makes it funny. The thing about Bugs possibly being able to make himself fly by heckling makes me laugh out loud each time I read it.

  • ridgecity

    well, it wasn’t funny to me… guess I just have a different sense of humor and if this was a joke it carried for too long… maybe if he had done a video with voiceover it would have been funny for me…

    But, I am kind of sour, lol…

  • a certain knowledge and appreciation of baseball stats writing is also helpful. I found it hilarious!