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Animated Israeli postage stamps

This Sunday, November 21st, the Israel Philatelic Service will issue a set of postage stamps to commemorate ASIFA International’s anniversary and ASIFA Israel’s 25th birthday. The set contains 15 stamps, each slightly different, creating a movement cycle (pictured below, poor image to discourage counterfeiters). They will also release a flip-book of the stamps (above) marking “250 years since the first flip-book”. If you’re interested in ordering/buying these stamps, or the flip-book, you can use the online Israel Post website. Both the flip-book and the stamps page cost approximately $6 (six dollars) US each.

(Thanks, Maureen Furniss)

  • Anyone know what that 250 year-old flip book was?

    The unimpeachable Wikipedia says the first one was in 1868.

  • Luke

    A bouncing ball perhaps?

  • Brad Constantine

    how freaking cool is that?

  • Bill

    What a great idea! Congratulations to ASIFA and ASIFA Israel.