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B-Boy Mickey

The good news about beginning Monday with this video is that the rest of my posts this week are guaranteed to be better.

(Thanks, Karim)

  • O.K. That was weird!

  • Mickey’s got some great moves, people!

    Don’ Dis da MICK!

  • its kind of sad when unplanned live-action disney related material like this is more visually entertaining than the majority of their animation output from the last decade.

  • Mickey doing some great uprock moves! I see that he doesn’t do any major floorwork, but hits an impressive freeze, especially being in a huge suit like that.


    Okay….does anyone think it’s strange that we haven’t seen MICHAEL JACKSON for a long while now…and this MM bust some serious MJ MOVES… Hmmmmmm…Where’s Perry Meason when you need him? Oh wait… PERRY MEASON/MICHAEL JACKSON…Anyone know the similarities between those to characters? Think…think think people!!!
    Forget I ever wrote…it’s 4:12AM….

  • Bugsmer

    Are you SURE that you can top this post, Amid?

  • Ian V.

    Actually….I don’t think anything can top this.

  • I could not stop laughing. I’d give this one to Mickey!

  • Mickey’s amazing. Can’t imagine how hard it is to dance with that huge head.

  • jordan reichek

    schnizzle my nizzle, Mick-Kay! less but it back to yer crib an down some gin n juice!

  • hawgey

    HAHA! Where was Goofy and Donald to give us some beats?!

  • uncle wayne

    damn! It’s impossible to MOVE inside those…much less Hammertime! Great stuff…thank yoo!

  • Buddy D

    I guess he can just do whatever he wants as long as he giggles afterwards.

  • I wanted Mickey to fall SO bad but Mickey is a good dancer however. What would have been icing on the cake is Mickey’s head coming off to reveal Michael Jackson.

  • Marvin

    It is especially hard to move in character suits and heads if the previous shift’s cast member came in hung over and vomited all down the inside of the costume. These people deserve combat pay.

  • captain murphy

    Props to Mickey. Just wallking or standing in a mascot costume is hard enough. I think Mickeys words to that kid were ‘Okay, knock it off”

  • Victor

    That was AWESOME! It just made my day!

  • Break dancing ended before it even began….and that was in the early 80’s. As John Hubley once observed, in the future, we have to be very careful not to confuse gymnastics for art (just look at MOST movie trailers these days; EVERYBODY is flying, spinning, flipping through the air, off the walls; isn’t it weird??). This nonsense belongs in a gymnasium-it ain’t dancing. As such, it is still unwatchable. Oh, and isn’t real dancing done with a partner???

  • What, Donald and Goofy don’t get to jump in?

  • RayRay

    Come on Tony, Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly did gymnastic-type dancing WAY before break dancing, would you not call what they did dancing? Give me a break…

  • Pedro Nakama

    This isn’t the complete video. After this there was a drive by shooting by Donald Duck from the Main Street Omnibus.

  • joe s

    that looked like one cold disneyland. people clapping in gloves.

  • buahahahaha this is awesome.

  • julian

    oh my god even mickey cant have fun………..on cartoonbrew…i love this clip ….cute….did people forget about entertainment….isnt that what people are always talking about on here ?…….i guess the magic is gone…..dance yo ass off mickey….im sure walt would have loved this clip.

  • Dash

    This is a marketing planned video from Disneyland Paris. ;)