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Bakshi Coonskin shirts


In the 1950s it was coonskin caps… fifty years later couturier Supreme is offering a line of Coonskin T-shirts, based on the controversial 1975 Ralph Bakshi feature film.

(via Meathaus)

  • Bugsmer

    Perhaps this will get it closer to being released on DVD.

  • Bitchin’ man. I hope the sales of these shirts will make someone think “Maybe we should release this on DVD.” It has to have Bakshi commentary on it like “Wizards”.

  • I hope Bakshi is making some bucks off these.

  • Sarah

    I was lucky enough to see Coonskin on video when I was younger. My aunt thought it was a children’s cartoon. Its too bad I didn’t get to see the rest of it. Hell I can’t even remember the first half of the movie. Hopefully there will be a DVD release, but until then I am soo getting that shirt.

  • Brian Kidd

    I love the film and am a huge fan of Bakshi in general. Still, why do I feel like I’d never be able to wear a COONSKIN shirt in public without being severely beaten?

  • top cat james

    For a really ideal tie-in, they should put out Coonskin “genuine cotton sweaters”, as in the memoriable scene where the old homeless dude is ecstatic to find one in a garbage can.

  • wow – Coonskin and (Disney owned property) Kermit too? That’s an interesting range there

  • Ryan

    I have a dodgy DVD of Coonskin off of eBay… and I WANT that shirt! But the online store won’t be open until March 10th :(

  • Nice, but will probably be rather pricey. Very interesting choices of designs to use for these three shirts. Why not a Manny the corrupt cop shirt, or a shirt with the gay sons of the Godfather? I just hope this means there will be a whole line of Bakshi-themed shirts, starting with ‘Heavy Traffic’ shirts.

    Brian: I guess it’s because you’re a white kid?

    top cat: They should make those natural cotton sweaters and install a voice chip with Scatman Crothers’ voice ranting about the sweater. I’d buy it just to have Scatman’s voice at my fingertips.

  • Damn. $88 a piece, and you can only order ONE of them. Looks like Bakshi completists will have to ask their friends to order ’em some shirts.

  • Vee

    I have Coonskin on DVD. I purchased it from a Kim’s Video here in NY. The quality is ok.

    $88 dollars is not worth, and I would not wear that shirt. I wonder if Ralph is getting paid at all. I have some problems with the film but I did enjoy it.