Batman 1966 (Dark Knight style) Batman 1966 (Dark Knight style)
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Batman 1966 (Dark Knight style)

This has been making the rounds for a year, but I just caught up with it today. Being a nut for the 1966 Batman TV series (and a fan of the recent Chris Nolan movies) I just had to post it here on the Brew. Tip of the Bat-cowl to Ohio-based animator David Rose for a job well done.

  • Beautiful, just beautiful!! *clapclapclap*
    Now I need a Saul Bass one and I’m EXTREMELY happy!

  • Pretty creative.

  • WIN>

  • Carl Russo

    My girlfriend and I have been watching the DVD box set of the original “Wild Wild West” series. The animated titles and theme are so cool that we never fast-forward through it–even after the fortieth episode. That would be like skipping Gilliam’s Monty Python titles.