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Beany & Cecil Toys were the coolest

I have never seen a bad piece of merchandise from Bob Clampett’s Beany & Cecil. All of it looks incredibly appealing to me. These pieces (above and thumbnails below – click to enlarge) are currently available via the latest auction at Hakes. The current bids are a bit rich for my blood, but at least we can live vicariously through the photos.

(Thanks, Billie Towser)

  • Soft huggable plush!
    I’d be happy with just the box.
    And that lunchbox cecil is cool too.

  • That doll is so cute. I wish I had 150 bucks to spare.

  • As appealing as those toys are, I don’t think I’d want Cecil the Seasick Sea Serpent rubbing against my naked arms and thighs.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Wot the heck!

  • Doug

    Back in the early ’60s, When I was about 11 or so, I had a Beany and Cecil “Beanycopter” — a plastic, rainbow-colored yarmulke, as it were, with a chin strap and a wind-up propeller. If you screwed on the propeller tightly and gave the chin strap a tug, the propeller would go whizzing off the hat. It could travel quite a distance. It was probably the single neatest toy I ever owned. I’d give me eye teeth to find another one.

  • uncle wayne

    to Doug: l
    I, too, had one. Pulled it ONCE…and it flew, alright…over the LEVEE!! Never to be seen again…SINCE!! lol!!

    • Russell H

      “So come on, kids,
      Let’s flip our lids
      Higher than the Moon….”

  • dbenson

    I remember being a little unsure about the stuffed toys. Yes, Cecil was officially a serpent, but the animated show displayed him as a hand puppet. His neck always ran out of frame or behind some scenery; maybe once or twice his tail zipped by in a frame or two. Not getting the gag — even with the opening title revealing Bob Clampett as a puppeteer — I somehow assumed animated Cecil had a ducklike body out of frame that allowed him to stand straight up or crane in from the side. Therefore, the toy serpents weren’t quite real.

    In fact, I keep remembering a plush Cecil that had a faintly playtpus-style body.

  • rick

    I had one of these when I was a kid! The photo above doesn’t show it, but mine had a pull string and said about 6 or 8 sentences (maybe there were 2 versions?). I wish I had had the foresight to keep it in pristine condition (along with the box of course). By the time it was thrown out the blue felt mane was pretty much gone and the pull string would not return into the body. But it was well-played with, so it served it’s purpose.

    • Marc

      ME TOO. I still have it! It says: “I’m comin’, Beany!” “I looooooooove you.” and 11 total. I forget because I never pull the string anymore. It’s the original string. My doggie ate one of his nostrils (sigh) and I loved him to death. He’s still fluffy and green — I used to wrap him around my waist and walk around with him on “adventures.”

  • ShouldBeWorkin’

    According to a documentary I once saw about Daws Butler, Mrs. Butler made the original Cecil out of the leg of a kid’s sleeper pyjamas.
    A Cecil would be easy to make.

  • Jessica Britton

    I had a plush Cecil with a wire frame inside that allowed him to be “posed”. He was about 2 feet long. He also came with a disguise kit including hats, vests, a sheriff’s badge etc. Loved my Cecil The Seasick Sea Serpent!

  • joe

    Too bad the show was mediocre. Maybe I would enjoy these more.

    • AaronSch

      There’s no accounting for taste…

      A number of years ago a group of friends gathered at my home for movie night. And to ensure a truly wonderful theater experience, the film had to be preceded by a cartoon or two. To the room’s delight I popped Bob Clampett’s “Beany & Cecil” Special Edition into the DVD player. We laughed and giggled like kids and never got around to watching the feature film that night… Yep kids, we flipped our lids higher than the moon!

  • uncle wayne

    “Mediocre!” !??????

  • Doug

    Aw, c’mon, Joe. Beany and Cecil was admittedly no better animated than all the other run-of-the-mill TV cartoons of its day, but I don’t think it was mediocre at all. It was a big step above most of the other stuff that was broadcast at the time. The plots were clever, the dialogue well-written (replete with absolutely awful [but memorable] puns), it occasionally had a bit of an adult edge, and it focused on a triangle of loving relationships between an uncle, his little nephew and . . . well . . . a sea serpent. I was charmed by it as a little kid, and fifty years later, after seeing some of the episodes online, I still think it’s charming — and funny. Too bad John K. wasn’t able to make a go of reviving it.

  • uncle wayne

    It was, indeed, the Ren & Stempy of its day, and the Family Guy & Simpsons. Its humor was THAT quick…and THAT adult. Helloooooooo???

    And, to my dying day, THIS was (and will always be) my most FAVORITE CHristmas morning. Seeing THIS under the Tree. It is prominently displayed (along with its companion piece…acquired 20 years later) atop my tv, the applecore of my house!!

  • swac

    I’ve got two talking Beany dolls, one that’s all beat up on the outside but with a working talkbox inside (“Help, Cecil, help!”) and one that’s in better shape, who’s talkbox has gone mute. Someday I’ll do the required surgery.

    Sadly, both have lost their propellers.

  • uncle wayne

    um….where does one go to REPAIR those “talkboxes!” Invaluably so!!

  • Chris Sobieniak

    I feel I miss out sadly for being too “late to the party” here.

  • Vanessa

    I would love to have this for my brother…contact me if you don’t sell…

  • Dianne Bisig

    I am looking for a Beany Boy Doll. Does anyone have one for sale.

    • stephanie

      I have one with a working talk-box that is in fair condition. Sadly, though, the copter part of his beanie broke off fairly shortly after I received him for my 5th Christmas. He’s been well-loved for 50 years now. I could possibly be pursuaded to sell him now.

  • stephanie

    I have a Beany Doll with working talking-box —fair condition overall–he IS 50 years old now! Sadly, the copter part of his beanie is gone. If I remember correctly, it broke off fairly soon after I received him for Christmas when I was 5. He’s had a lot of love and attention over the years.

  • StinaMarie

    I have a talking Cecil, it pretty fair condition. His voicebox still works… anyone know what he is worth?

  • Scott

    Saw something interesting while watching TV last night, and this seems to be the right place to share it.

    Last night, while watching an episode of the recent DVD release of the lost TV classic “I’m Dickens, He’s Fenster”, there was a scene where the main characters are at their friend & co-worker Mel’s house.

    When the guys were straightening up Mel’s children’s playroom, they came across a Cecil plush doll. They then picked Cecil up and placed him on a table, where lo and behold, there sat a Beany Boy plush toy waiting on him!

    This had to be some kind of subliminal promotion, in order to help promote the show, which had (at the time) recently premiered on ABC (as did IDHF a few months earlier). Just thought it was kind of cool seeing that.