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“Beauty and the Beast” Visits The Ghetto

I never imagined we’d be posting a parody of Belle’s song from Beauty and the Beast, but Beauty and the BEAT is ambitious as far as cartoon spoofs are concerned. In this version, ‘hood rat’ Belle visits the ghetto and even manages to adopt a baby. It was created by former American Idol contestant and Broadway performer Todrick Hall with the help of Katie Stevens as Belle and YouTube celebs DeStorm, GloZell, AlphaCat, Miles Jai, Antoine Dawson, Vonzell Solomon, Katie Stevens and Tre Melvin.

  • Mark Lensenmayer

    That is OUTSTANDING!

    • Funkybat

      It was funny, but it would have held my interest longer if it was animated. There are a lot of live-action parodies of cartoons online, not so many (well animated) cartoon parodies of cartoons.

  • A Writer

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  • JP

    Fans of 80s & 90s TV animation should really check out DeStorm’s YouTube work. His “Soul Toons” are multi-part, a capella versions of theme songs from this era. They’re really fun if you’re feeling nostalgic.

    (I barely recognized him as the thugged-out Gaston in this “Beauty & the Beast” parody!)


    Lol what a cameo.

  • This was sent to me this morning. It made me laff the enTIRE day long!! Superlative!

  • DavidTehGnome

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  • Oh no you di int! Classic!

  • That was perfect. Thanks.

  • to David: you mean, in “real life,” mice DON’T wear red pants and white gloves???

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Some people just think TOO hard! This video was brilliant!

  • Man, what a great way to wake up! That was hilarious!

  • David

    That was so incredibly racist I don’t know where to begin.

    • Markus

      If there’s something this country needs is to be able to laugh about at race differences, diversity and stereotypes. Political correctness has done nothing to improve the life of minorities.

    • Lala_Marin

      No, it was a fairly accurate representation of that type of neighborhood, and as a black woman, I have absolutely no qualms with it or its creators. It was fun, fairly witty, and impressively put together.

      Drawing attention to racial stereotypes (and how ridiculous they are) is not the same thing as “being racist,” and I can’t believe I have to point out that as it was a collaboration of mostly black Youtube personalities, it CAN’T be racist.

      If you found that offensive, I can only wonder what you thought Chappelle’s show.

      “If she can’t use your comb, don’t bring her home…” If I told you how many time I have heard that phrase uttered in earnest, you guys wouldn’t believe me. Needless to say, I found that line especially hilarious.

    • ScoJo

      The writer/director and almost every actor were/was black.

  • derik

    My neighborhood is just like this. Except no singing. And a lot more trash laying around.

  • B’ini

    Is no one going to mention the bird landing on the fountain? Pure movie magic!! Lyrics, casting, music and editing all worked beautifully.


  • Pedro Nakama

    I was expecting a warning by Whoopi Goldberg in the beginning.

  • Tony

    This made my day.

  • Randy

    That. Was. Brilliant!

  • Sarah J

    Definitely one of the strangest spoofs I’ve seen in a while, but it was certainly entertaining!