Beauty Contestant Reveals Animated Plans Beauty Contestant Reveals Animated Plans
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Beauty Contestant Reveals Animated Plans

No doubt you’ve seen this fine performance by Miss Teen South Carolina, but have you seen her follow-up interview on The Today Show where she reveals that she wants to study and become, such as, a visual effects artist. Frankly I think she’d be squandering her talents working in vfx when she so clearly has all the makings of an animation executive.

  • jordan reichek

    ouch, eech, ooch!!!!

  • intergalactic

    Although funny…not very nice Amid.

    I’ve seen both “performances” and I’m guilty of having a cynical view as well towards “beauty pageants”. But in all fairness she’s only like 18 or 19…I think that people should cut her a little slack for at least being ambitious and maybe even brave enough to go onto tv a second time?

    I mean didn’t she say something about not hearing the question?

    This is the 2nd time I’ve seen her video posted in addition to hearing it first thing on the radio. Not sure if I myself would consider this “Leading the Animation Conversation”

    My 2 cents.

  • Conrad Peril

    Oh, for God’s sake. Let’s let the rest of the internet make fun of the teenage beauty queen.

    Show some cartoons.

  • alan

    First of all, Intergalactic needs to lighten up…

    Secondly, this girl deserves every ounce of the beating she’s taking. Our society has become FAR too forgiving of stupidity and part of the competition is POISE – of which she showed none.
    If it were a basketball game and she slam-dunked into the other team’s basket, she’d get the same kind of flak.

    Her Today show interview was disgraceful… they basically spoke FOR her so she wouldn’t come off sounding dumb (again). So much for journalistic integrity.

    At the age of 18, you’re old enough to drive, vote and serve in the military – plenty old enough to formulate and express an opinion with at least SOME degree of intelligence.

    But, what is clearly reflected here, is that this is a girl who’s been coasting on her good looks thus far in life and – based on the fact that so many people are coming out to defend her idiocy – she will continue to do so.

    I got nothin’ against good looking people, but they need to be held to the same academic standards as everyone else.

    Thirdly, she is FAR too bright to be an animation executive… Amid was being too kind to animation execs.

  • Gerard de Souza

    Hey, she mentioned VFX thus making the topic relative to animation.
    Sure I’ll cut her slack. I’m glad stupid things I said or done at 18 wasn’t caught on video….and I didn’t look that good in my speedo.
    Still funny, though.

  • (Snide Voice) “I want to be a visual artist”

    Yeah, and im the CEO of News Corp…(*rolls eyes*)

    Much as i am dismayed by John K, he was right about the midwestern, southen students that go into CalArts and bring there “lack of a life” to the business.

    Knowing how she is, i wouldnt be suprised to see her married to some rich exective and run a animation department…is this the best the south has to offer now? Oh wait…i shouldnt say that, already its bad enough we have one fake and a dummy in the WH.

  • uffler mustek

    oh SNAP!

  • Bob

    NBC may have felt it had to give her a second chance on TODAY since it thoroughly trashed her in MSNBC’S TUCKER, COUNTDOWN, HARDBALL and the Dan Abrams programs the day before. Dan Abrams is head of MSNBC but he’s also a lawyer and either he or some higher-up ambulance chaser(s) knew slander when they heard it.

  • She’s a little too over-qualified to be an executive.

  • Brian O.

    This Miss Teen “story” is barely newsworthy for the general media to cover but a complete waste here.

    Not sure I consider most artists to be geography whiz-kids, either.

    With her clumsy double-talk she could be president someday. Worked for Bush.

  • Paul

    Her speech pattern on “Today” sounded for all the world like someone who’s trying to sound intelligent. And when will people figure out that if you have to go around telling people you’re a “strong person”, it’s probably not true?

  • red pill junkie

    After she says “I personally believe” (which has obviously coached) she completely lost me.

    Yes, she’s 18 years-old.

    Yes, she outstands because of her looks and not her wits.

    Yes, she got nervous at the camera as any normal person would be at the thought of being watched by millions of people on Live National TV.

    Yes, people in the Today Show and everywhere else are being so nice to this girl because she is beautitiful. If the person who came up with such an answer were instead a fat ugly bearded man like me I would be the laughing stock of the internet for eons to come (in internet’s term: for about a month)

    Yes, beautiful girls tend to favor careers like Graphic Design because they think they are, like you know! creative and such? I mean they totally know how to combine their clothes so that means they’re creative right?

    Yes, despite all the things above people like me and you STILL end up helping these poor hapless girls at college when they don’t know how to use the filter tools in Photoshop. So that proofs we’re not that smart either!

    But No, don’t worry, this girl is NEVER going to end up taking your job at the animation studio and earning 30% more than you, or being your boss as an exec for that matter. She will find his blue prince with a house in OC and live happily ever after… she divorces him and takes half his money.

  • Adam

    Good one Will Finn.

    There is a special bootcamp for beauty pageant girls to learn to talk with that weird inflection. I witnessed a trainee once at a state fair proclaiming the values of cattle ranching with all the sincerity of a plastic bag, but plenty of gusto. Someone needs to save these beautiful women from being turned into stupid monsters.

  • I think it’s relevant. It shows how people with minimal skill (hypothetically) can decide to enter the industry on a frickin’ whim and gum up the works.

    On the other hand, maybe she’s a good artist.

  • imrip

    I am absolutely shocked that you’d post this! No wait, I’m FLABBERGASTED! FLABBERGASTED!!! I fell back in my chair I was so flabbergasted. “NO Relevance!” I shouted as i fell.

  • Inkan1969

    Classic screwup of public speaking skills. If you don’t know what you’re going to say, you wind up saying, “uh” a lot, and you panic and start throwing any sentence fragment you can think of. She knew what she had to do when she got into this contest thing; I don’t have any sympathy for her not measuring up either.

    I heard about her visual effects ambitions. If she can do them well, good for her. I’m amused by the thought that if she does succeed, she’d be bucking the “nerd look” stereotype people associate with visual effects. She’s going to have to be prepared to have hordes of trekkies and other sci-fi geeks obsessing over her, though. :-)

  • Jack

    She may not be articulate but I’ll bet she’d give notes on an animated series if she was hired for her youth and looks. But that would NEVER happen in the real world…

  • That poor girl… it was kinda funny the first time I saw it but now I feel sorry for her.

  • Paul

    Mean spirited and only barely on topic…was this post really necessary?

    Given the length of the clip and interview, I don’t think it’s fair to judge her performance in a career she hasn’t even begun training for yet. For all we know, she’s actually got artistic talent. True, we don’t know that she DOES, but we also don’t know that she DOESN’T.

    Who’s to say how any of you would react if you had to answer a question in front of a live audience that numbers in the hundreds of thousands? Even if she really isn’t smart enough to become a doctor or engineer, she might be more intelligent than she appeared to be from those videos.

  • KatNS

    Gee, Red Pill Junkie, thanks for saying beautiful girls go into graphic design since I’m in graphic design myself. (By the way, I was also co-valedictorian in my high school class of 800 students.)

    But anyway, that girl DID act stupid and deserved ridicule. So what if she was on national television. That’s what’s SUPPOSED to happen when you go on a national beauty pageant. It’s not like she was interviewed by surprise on the street.

    But isn’t it ironic that people are jumping on her stupidity when we all know this wouldn’t have gotten a second of additional airtime if she wasn’t physically attractive, too…

    But just because a girl is oratorially challenged doesn’t mean she can’t be a good artist. The qualities are not mutually dependent. Several of the posters in this thread display poor grammar but that doesn’t mean they’re poor artists as well.

  • Richard

    I personally believe she wants to be a visual effects artist because, as US Americans, some people out there don’t have visual effects. And that her education in such fields, like such as in South Africa and Iraq (everywhere like in “such as”), I believe that she should help her US education in US – I mean South Africa and Iraq and the Asia companies with special fx in movies such as in Disney’s and in Dreamworks’s with the visual effects in her, uh, I mean, uh, my personal beliefs.

  • Yeah, that clip was pretty embarrassing. But in her follow up interview she was more articulate (OK, difficult to be less). Sure, she was probably coached, and given easy questions; but it’s still national TV and that is intimidating under any circumstances. I applaud that her aspirations in the entertainment field aren’t to be a model or actress. The FX field could use more women.

  • Agoti_Kappa

    I’m too scared to even look the clip now; but what if she had some sorta Autism? I do and it’s guaranteed the fact that I’m never doing any interviews or television/radio appearences whatsoever!

  • alan

    Um, Paul… most people who don’t want to react in front of a live audience don’t enter into beauty pagents – oh, pardon me, I mean ‘Scholarship competitions’… it goes with the territory.

    And, yes, it’s possible that she may have some artistic talent, but what she DOESN’T have is intellect or poise.

    Defend her all you want, she’s still an idiot and she still wouldn’t date you.

  • uffler mustek

    “Who’s to say how any of you would react if you had to answer a question in front of a live audience that numbers in the hundreds of thousands?”

    I know I’d definitely mention South Africa and Iraq. I might even use the phrase “such as” once or maybe twice.

  • Anne

    She came in third place, which saddens me.

    If only I could afford a proper map, it might lift my spirits.

  • jordan reichek

    my lord, why are there so many panties in a bunch about amid’s post?

    it was funny.

    god forbid we have a little humor on an animation culture website..sheesh.

  • Paul Rand is spinning in his grave right now…

  • red pill junkie

    Just so you know, miss KatNS, some of us have poor grammar skills, because we happen to be mexican.

    What is a co-valedictorian again?…. oh never mind, I just found it on Wikipedia… Oh! Impressive (lowering voice to Darthvaderian tone)

    I studied at a private university, and the rule ’round here was that the most beautiful (and sometimes the most talented) women went to Graphic Design.

    And I concurr with the people who think a person on a beauty pageant should be prepared to the pressure of answering a question in front of the camera. I mean, I would expect a surgeon perfoming a coronary on me would be prepared to deal with the pressure if something went wrong all of a sudden!

    I’m sure people at Pixar would find “3rd runner-up in Beauty Pageant” a very impressive feature on someone’s resumé. Yeah! A real Deal-Closer there :-)

  • beautiful people with no brains can enter the wonderful world of animation and make a mark. I am 6ft 8, have a jaw carved from volcanic rock, I can bench press 15 fat clever people before breakfast and have the sexual capacity of a herd of goats in spring. On the flip side i cannot clean my own teeth and telephones confuse me.

    … my 18 year old swedish massueuse/ dairy farmer girlfriend typed this for me

  • These posts get more pretentious by the day.

  • Chuck R.

    Thad, if by “pretentious” you also mean abstruse, I concur.

    The jealousy, bigotry and rage evidenced here is astonishing. We can knock Amid for posting it on an animation site, but guess what, guys: it seems we like to talk about Miss Teen beauty pageants more than we do this.

  • I get the gist but I had to read the comments here anticipating super-sensitive reactions and voila! I wish Miss Teen all the success regardless. Don’t worry, this too shall pass.

  • wundermild

    I think I could find the U.S. on a map, but I would look stupid in a bikini.

  • I’m quite intrigued by this television program where teen girls are dressed up like a hostess at a “gentlemen’s club” and made to answer complex policy questions. That is hot! I see a DVD market for this.

    BTW, what with her being “Miss South Carolina” and all… that implies there were 49 other similarly clad hostesses answering policy questions. I want to see them.


    Nice comeback. And I have to agree with wundermild…I also look stupid in a bikini.

  • K.Borcz

    I was amazed and slightly horrified when I watched the Today show interview.

  • Lucy

    I won’t say anything directly mean, but it’s coverage like this that makes Southerners look bad -_-” I assure you, we’re not all like that.

    Eh, who knows, though… She could have a niche for graphic design -shrugs-. Weirder things have happened in the industry, right?

    I just feel like I have to be fair to this girl because I might be able to do something she can’t (where the heckle and jeckle did South Africa factor into that question??), but I’ll bet she could kick my ass when it comes to beauty pageants.

    Eh, either way, the best of luck to her, in whatever field she chooses…

  • Bobby D.

    Inkan1969 says: “Classic screwup of public speaking skills. If you don’t know what you’re going to say, you wind up saying, “uhâ€? a lot, and you panic and start throwing any sentence fragment you can think of.”

    Great point…although I think you’re being too tough on her. Yes, she knew what she was getting it to, but, one never knows what’s going to throw you into “the actors nightmare” moment. I was once a young actor and early on got a break with a small part on a network soap…little part, BIG break for me…I was a prepared, competent actor…but, when the director yelled “action” I stumbled on the first line a bit…he yelled cut…by the time we restarted, I found myself slipping in to “sentence fragment” babble. We were able to cobble together the scene, but, I was a mess. Never happened again, but it was always lurking in the back of my mind whenever I would walk on a set, or stage. So, this young girl, at the very least, has “got a friend in me”…and many others who take that step through the dark and plant themselves square in the middle of the spot light. Cheers!

  • Jorge Garrido

    Seems to me she could write for The Simpsons. Just kidding, it’s an intelligent satire!

  • VH

    Don’t any of you remember dumb things you believed and said at 18 or don’t any of you have teenage kids?

    You folks must be such losers to take such delight in attacking this young person emerging boldly from childhood. She was fine on the interview; she admitted she had been overwhelmed but gave a great answer to the geography question, and showed with humor and grace that she learned from her embarrassing experience. So she’s not yet Margaret Mead, why be so haughty?

    I work with young people myself and was most impressed with the way the interviewers treated her. I thought they were wonderfully encouraging and superbly tactful in citing their own numerous flubs (even as pros used to being in front of cameras) and realizing she’s just beginning. Most of the kids I’ve worked with would never want to show their faces again and would be on a therapist’s couch with only a microfraction of the nation-wide public ridicule this girl is getting.

    The way they strove to put her at ease reminds me of a survey I once read where celebrities were asked to define “class.” Most gave references to luxury or glamor, then some European prince (can’t recall the name or country) whom I expected to be very posh simply answered, “Class is making people feel comfortable.”