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Big Pecker’s

As a follow up to my Major Woody post (below), Steve Moore submitted this outrageous example of potential trademark infringement from Ocean City Maryland, Big Pecker’s Bar and Grill:
This place is for real, and boasts a large line of merchandising.

P.S. Steve Moore’s latest Flip Magazine is up, this month with a profile of flash animator Xeth Feinberg, artist Fred Warter, several tributes to Ollie Johnston and even gardening tips!

  • CRAZY! I know that place! I don’t ever remember going in there, but I always remember driving by that place.


  • Who thinks up these names?????

  • I’ll bet Foghorn is pissed!!

  • I really want to meet the marketing guy whose business card reads: “Proficient in cartoon property infringement and sexual innuendo.” What’s his secret?

  • The Invertabrat

    I hope he’s pissed……….

  • red pill junkie

    Firts Major Woody and now Big Pecker. I’m intrigued at the peculiar twist the Brew is taking ;-)

  • Greg M.

    looks more like John K’s rooster from village pantry.

  • Killroy McFate

    “Hmm… think I’ll have the Polish Sausage. And could ya bring us some Cocktail Weenies?”

  • Bob Hope

    Hey, if they serve fried chicken, they can rename it “Eat My Cock.” How about that rotting flesh?

  • Boy, you’d really look as sharp as a sack of wet mud in one of those t-shirts.

  • Inkan1969

    Why, I say, why would Foghorn be pissed? He’d probably take this as a compliment. I say that he’s likely very proud of his big pecker, son. :-)

  • Chris Sobieniak

    I feel like I’m back in high school again, and someone thought it was cool to type “My Dixie Wrecked” on the computer and printed it out and I stood there glancing at this piece of paper thinking “This would look great on a t-shirt!” :-)

  • Some Guy

    Strange that they used the design from Walky Talky Hawky.

  • Big Jim McBob

    “Home of the Jumbo Chicken Frank.”

  • Ate here a few eeks ago. GREAT food, nto cartoon like inside. Its just like a sports bar. but like I said, killer chicken sandwhich. :P

  • Wait until Miss Prissy finds out Foggy’s nickname, she’ll marry him in a New York minute!

  • Richard

    “I say, Jerry, I say…these cartoon merchandising rip-offs are giving me a, I say, a HEAD ache. Get it? ‘Head’ ‘ache’. That’s a joke, son. Now, look at me when I’m a talkin’ boy!”

  • jon garaizar

    that is too funny.

  • Andrew

    As a Marylander, I can say Big Pecker’s shirts were very popular when I was in high school during the early 1990s.

  • Charlie K.

    I’ll have to check this place out sometime over the summer. It looks like a hoot (no pun intended)!

  • This place has been around for a long time, and you’ll find their shirts and hats all over Maryland. Good Eats though, I’ve got to say!

  • rachel

    I’ve seen this place too–when I was a teenager my parents took me & a friend on a trip to Ocean City, and we spent most of the time taking pictures of all the ridiculously horrible sites (like this )–I probably have my own photo of the place somewhere at my mom & dad’s house.

  • Hey, why not? If the name and the sign brings people through the door and the bad pun puts a smile on their faces… It’s not supposed to be fine dining, and from the comments above – the food’s supposed to be good… It beats the Golden Arches as a roadside stop.

  • Robert Igoe

    Where have you guys been? When I was in high school…er…some years ago, every other kid had one of these shirts.

  • There was also (it may still be there) a Big Pecker’s in Seaside Heights, NJ, which used pretty much the same logo. They may have been affiliated, because I doubt two people hundreds of miles apart could have come up with the same clever idea. (wink)

  • Andrew N.

    And, if you look close at the Big Ass (no pun intended – ok, maybe a bit) Logo, you can recognize the star of an old Chuck Jones Cartoon, Draftee Horse (I guess that’s the name)

  • RodTramonte

    “Big Pecker”, eh… seems more like a strip club than a restaurant…

  • Corky D.

    hmmm….I just was going through my t-shirt pile and found a big peckers t-shirt from north boardwalk seaside heights. I do not know how many years ago that i got it but it has got to be close to 20 years

  • Mad B.

    It’s over 20 years. There was a shop on the boardwalk when I used to work down there. I can’t remember exactly where it was, but I was in there. I was tending bar down on the boardwalk and someone gave me that shirt. I think it might have been somewhere between 1982 and 1984, because that’s when I was there the last time. Or else it goes back to my earlier years down there, between 1969 and 1973. Wish I could remember exactly and the shirt is packed away at another house so I can’t even go and look to see if it has a date on the tag.