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Billy West and Mark Hamill Are Dubbing Donald Trump As Cartoon Villains

Famous voice actors are having fun with the picayune ramblings of America’s next president, Donald Trump.

Following Alan Tudyk’s impersonation of Donald Trump as King Candy from Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph, we now know what the president-elect would sound like as the vain commander Zapp Brannigan from Futurama and the psychopathic Joker in Batman.

The impersonations are courtesy of the current voice actors for those roles: Billy West and Mark Hamill, respectively. Both actors, who posted the clips to social media, read the same New Year’s tweet that Trump blasted out to his Twitter followers:

The fascinating question here is how the corporate owners of these properties—Disney, Fox, and Warner Bros.—feel about their voice actors using their carefully managed and commercially valuable characters to poke fun at the incoming U.S. president. The most outrageous example, thus far, has been Tudyk describing the size of Trump’s penis in the voice of a character from a Disney family film.

It could be argued that these actors, who are the corporate-approved voices of the characters in animation, are giving the impression of an official company stance. My prediction: entertainment conglomerates will clamp down very soon on this unauthorized use of their characters. Until that happens though, let’s hope we get a few more good soundbites of Trump as famous cartoon villains.

  • UsaMiKo

    This year’s starting out pretty good.

  • Crystal

    Billy West has been doing this for months, long before Tudyk.

  • HalSolo

    Pretty sure there would be more backlash from fans if the studios puts the clamps on these guys. I don’t think many major studios want an implication of endorsing Drumpf and pissing off a lot of Star Wars and Futurama geeks.

    • Sublime-Wan

      Are you insinuating that the majority of Star Wars fans and Futurama fans are against Trump? Where are the statistics to back this claim up? The “pretty sure” doesn’t do enough to convince me of your claim. The characters are properties of other entities and using those characters voices in real life situations should be frowned upon. Don’t hide behind a fictional character… unless of course that fictional character is more popular than the real person!

  • jhalpernkitcat

    My boyfriend told me about the Mark Hamill one as the Joker. While I thought the King Candy one was rather weird, the Joker one works way too well. It’s spot on perfect!

  • Troy

    Hm…. I dunno up until this article there hasn’t been any other noteworthy concerns about each of the animation companies’ opinion in regards to our incoming president. Unless Trump suddenly cares about his image in the animation industry, those companies will pretty much milk the publicity. Of course if they are suddenly getting “attacked” by that time, I’m pretty sure this wouldn’t damage industry employment rate nor change the public’s opinion about animation.

    • Eric Paulsen

      You had me at “Unless Trump suddenly cares about his image…” I spewed coffee out of my nose laughing at that!

  • SomeCallMeKash

    How could you say no to a headline like that!

  • Elsi Pote

    Corporations won’t miss any opportunity to get free publicity through satire.

    At least that’s what is keeping SNL around because Loren Michaels is not funny at all.

    While we are at it, Maurice LaMarche should follow suit with The Brain.

    • Eric Paulsen

      I’m picturing Mike Pence as Pinky… NARF Poit!

  • Chicken McPhee

    Not to nitpick, but Zapp Brannigan, with his many flaws and shortcomings is a FAR more virtuous character. They do share similarities though… Hahaha