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Bomb Threat at DreamWorks

Some people at DreamWorks were sent home today because of a bomb threat at the studio. They later discovered it was just the trailer to the next installment of Shrek.

Seriously though, studio employees are writing about the bomb threat on Twitter.

UPDATE: According to Arthurk192, “Authorities have determined that the package was not a bomb. It was, in fact, a gift from overseas, officials said.”

UPDATE 2: The Glendale News Press has an article about the suspicious package at DreamWorks.

(Thanks, Scott)

  • Jim

    You just couldn’t resist, could you?

  • joecab

    I will speak for all of us and say “darn, you beat us to the punchline.”

  • jason


    Oh amid.. you have such hate flowing through your veins. Lets the love in, man.. let it in.


  • Other than the short lived “Father of the Pride”, I can’t think of any bombs that Dreamworks has been responsible for, unless maybe you misspelled “blockbuster”.

  • Pedro Nakama

    “It was, in fact, a gift from overseas, officials said.”

    Hmmmm….. and it smelt like curry too.

  • Mesterius

    I guess Amid was thinking of a creative “bomb” rather than a box-office bomb. I kinda like that bomb definition;)

  • Blake

    Hey Amid, you better warn Pixar about the in coming package containing the Cars 2 trailer that should arrive at the studio sometime in the near future, that one could be deadly.

  • Feh.

    “They later discovered it was just the trailer to the next installment of Shrek.”


    It’s funny, AND true. But of course, we all saw it coming a mile off.

  • kermit

    Did anyone else see “Monsters vs. Aliens”? Talk about a BOMB!!!!

  • “With everything going on that we have been seeing in the news and around the world, obviously there is a heightened sense…”
    –Police Sgt. Tom Lorenz

    Ugh. Can we all get a collective grip about about what constitutes real security? Stuff like this is a waste of time and increased blood pressure. More:

  • Y’all ain’t right! LOL Man…but all jokes aside, it’s good to know that no one was harmed in this situation….now if they can just make the stories as intriguing as this scenario.

  • Steve Gattuso

    Maybe they can work this into Shrek 4.

  • In the words of my mom, “Shrek and a bomb — they’re both doomed to explode.”

  • Captain Hollywood

    And yet another reason for this unecessary “heightened sense” is the being continued here with the title “Bomb Threat At Dreamworks”. There actually was no such thing. It was a suspicious package.

  • Sylvain

    So much hate about a film that nobody have seen yet… Lets all give Amid a big hug.

    Of course he wouldn’t have talked about How to Train your Dragon (which is the project that was interrupted by the scare), that would not have had the wanted “poisoning the well” effect ;)

    Cartoon Brew is (rightfully) being ridiculed about this all too frequent lack of professionalism. But again, they do what they want with their reputation. Controversy brings audience, I can’t possibly deny that.

    I’m amazed there isn’t a pun about zemeckis here, Amid, please ask Jerry to add one in an “update 3” !!!

  • NightmareisNear

    It’s as if they were trying to recreate “Boston January 1st, 2007”

    This is peanuts compared to that day three years ago.