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Lawyers from Warner Bros. have come down on a firm called Booby Doo, a maker of sports bras in the UK. Booby Doo’s owners want to register the name as a trademark, but the lawyers representing Hanna Barbera properties say it sounds too much like the name of their famous doggy detective. Read the full story in London’s Daily Express.

So let me get this straight. Bras are a problem, but a Canine waste removal service with a similarly derivative name is okay?

  • Those darn lawyers!

    The bra maker has my support!

  • Jay

    They’re soo anti-Booby!

  • I vote for the bras! I mean that’s a great name for a bra company!

  • The bra company has my support too.

    Yet in a way you can say that this is nothing compared to the German based Deutsche Telekom, a telecommunications company.

    Those guys believe that the color Magenta belongs to them alone. And only to them.

    Welcome to the world of CYK…

  • Christopher Cook

    Does this mean the lawyers for H-B can retroactively sue Frank Sinatra’s estate for him using the “Scooby dooby doo” ending on “Strangers In The Night”, which gave Fred Silverman (head of CBS daytime and children’s programming in 1969) the idea for the character’s name?

  • red pill junkie

    “Bras that make the guys go ZOINKS!

    What in the world is wrong with that?? :-D

  • K.Borcz

    hey that’s a line in a song from Grease!
    It’s in “We go Together”

  • What does she look like from the front? I can’t see most guys lasting through a date once they realize she has Scrappy Doo ink.

  • Scoopy Doo… that’s pretty funny…

  • Lance

    There is no legal argument with the canine waste removal company because Scooby Doo was always excrement.

  • I think as a current londoner and a girl i would personally steer clear of any under things with the word “doo” in the brand name. Unless the straps are made of scooby snacks…. what am i saying?

  • Yet FRANK SINATRA never sued Hanna Barbera for stealing a lyric in “Strangers In The Night” and using it to create a highly profitable cartoon property.

    This whole “Booby Doo” reminds me – Mark Evanier never finished his story on how he created Scrappy Doo….

  • tom

    This isn’t surprising. If Warner spent half the money creating new, interesting and entertaining properties that it does protecting their old, lousy crap like Scooby Doo we’d all be a lot happier.

    The nice Bra company has my full support. So does the Canadian Poop company.

  • Since when can lawyers say a name sounds TOO MUCH like an already trademarked name? You have legal grounds when you have the SAME name, but a SIMILAR name? And the product is complete different too.

    Ridiculous. I hope the boobs win, and you know which party I am referring to.

  • This whole system is quite ridiculous. I’m part of something similar at the moment. Cynthia, the way it works is that there is a system set up that when someone tries to register a trademark, if it sounds even remotely similar, other trademark holders are notified and it’s considered an attack on their trademark.

    It seems then lawyers bang out threatening letters without even considering what they’re doing. They’ll always argue brand confusion even if there is no way in hell a blind baby monkey could get them confused.

    Just seems like an excuse for some lawyers to get paid more than anything else.

  • Joe

    Hopefully, the Warner Bros. lawyers succeed.

  • Mela

    Scoopy-Doo actually has some relevance to dog owners; Booby Doo is just bait for fetishits.

  • Dean Wisconsin III

    The song “Strangers in the Night” was released in 1966, and Frank Sinatra’s ‘Scooby-Dooby Doo’ vocal adlib occurs at the very end, audible all the way to the fade-out of the 45rpm single, followed by a lengthy, sustained and sung ‘Phewwww!’, which, IMO, would’ve made an even better H-B show title. H-B ripped it off a few years later, at a time when they were virtually lower than scum in the entertainment industry, except for their sales acumen. Frank wouldn’t have stooped to scrape them off his shoe, let alone bring legal action. Oh, he might’ve had Mickey Rudin break Joe Barbera’s kneecaps just for shit and giggles if he’d known about it but Fred Silverman didn’t bother to admit his inspiration for “Scooby Doo” until many years after the beloved, retarded cartoon Great Dane property was firmly established. It was only once Time-Warner bought them, via their purchase of Turner in 1997, that Hanna-Barbera and the contents of its library suddenly enjoyed global branding royalty status, never mind that 99% of its content was utter dog poop.

  • tom

    Mela, I’ve got to ask how a company making sports bras is just bait for fetishists. I mean- they’re sports bras! They serve an actual purpose. I don’t understand your logic there, is all.

  • Hi Guys

    Thanks for the messages of support on this blog – we actually told Warner Bros. to go away and in the end and they did, so we are now free to trade as we want. HB can be assured that we have no plans to create Scooby doo’s niece! – although;)